Mrs. Piozzi's Thraliana

Read by Barbara Baker

(4.2 stars; 2 reviews)

"It is many years since Dr. Samuel Johnson advised me to get a little book, and write in it all the Anecdotes which might come to my knowledge, all the Observations which I might make or hear, all the verses never likely to be published and in fine everything which struck me at the time. Mr. Thrale has now treated me with a Repository, and provided it with the pompous title "Thraliana." I must endeavour to fill it with nonsense, new and old."
Selections from the intimate record of her life from 1776 to 1809 by the hostess and friend of Dr Johnson (and the friend of his friends) selected and edited with commentary by Charles Hughes. - Summary by barbara2 (1 hr 38 min)


Section 1 29:05 Read by Barbara Baker
Section 2 30:09 Read by Barbara Baker
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Section 4 23:52 Read by Barbara Baker