The Pink Shop

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 60 reviews)

The Pink Shop operates outside the limits of the law by a mysterious woman concealed under a black veil. Follow the twists and turns as you unravel the secrets hidden behind the closed doors of The Pink Shop.
Ask yourself: what would you give to retain eternal beauty? (7 hr 30 min)


In the Evening 25:31 Read by Nathalie J.
In the Morning 19:37 Read by Nathalie J.
The Lost Bag 19:25 Read by Nathalie J.
The Inquest 19:08 Read by Nathalie J.
Sir Joseph's Intentions 17:27 Read by Nathalie J.
Audrey's Knight Errant 16:13 Read by Nathalie J.
The Lady Detective 18:09 Read by Nathalie J.
A Mysterious Communication 17:25 Read by Nathalie J.
The Question of the Clock 12:25 Read by Nathalie J.
A Surprise 15:34 Read by Nathalie J.
A Story of the Past 18:13 Read by Nathalie J.
The Unknown Customer 19:15 Read by Nathalie J.
A Blind Clue 18:08 Read by Nathalie J.
An Amazing Discovery 15:40 Read by ToddHW
Ralph's Suspicion 16:46 Read by ToddHW
A Dilemma 15:42 Read by aydrogekistky
What Audrey Overheard 16:07 Read by aydrogekistky
A Legal Opinion 17:10 Read by Stella June
Matrimonial Arrangements 17:44 Read by Stella June
A Music Hall Artist 15:53 Read by SuD
The Marriage 14:37 Read by SuD
The Photograph 20:57 Read by Charlotte Weeks
One Part of the Truth 15:01 Read by BooksUnderBanyanTree
Another Part of the Truth 18:41 Read by BooksUnderBanyanTree
Revenge 14:59 Read by smsralan713
Final Explanations 14:45 Read by Jessica Hendra


(5 stars)

Good mystery. I thought I had figured out the murder then was surprised. Good readers. thankyou

excellently read, unexpected twists and turns

(5 stars)

Great little Mystery

(5 stars)

As with most mysteries, the "bad guys" reveal themselves early in the storyline, however, this surprised me a few times and I have to admit, the culprit, was not whom I'd guessed. As always, Thank You, to the LibriVox volunteers, without whom, none of these books would be half as enjoyable.

(4 stars)

a rather unique story... although interesting, with some unexpected surprises along the way. Not my favorite story and for sure not one I'd bother reading again. There's books out there that are definitely written better than this one.


(5 stars)

More twists than a mountain stream. A clever story which defies the reader to solve it.

terrific true twist

(5 stars)

Thanks to all the good traders. Listen and just try to figure this one out

(5 stars)

An interesting story - Fergus Hume always has a good unexpected yarn! Thank you.

Keeps you guessing til the surprise ending!

(4.5 stars)