The Adventures of Mabel

Read by April6090

(4 stars; 9 reviews)

This is a fantasy story about a little girl, 5-years old, who is the given the ability to converse with animals. - Summary by april6090 (3 hr 27 min)


The Green Lizard 12:21 Read by April6090
The Taming of Rex 13:35 Read by April6090
The Frogs At The Bridge 10:01 Read by April6090
The Robbers 26:49 Read by April6090
Rex Plays Policeman 8:58 Read by April6090
Walter and the Goat 18:27 Read by April6090
The Grey Rat Under The Pump 15:54 Read by April6090
The Animal Party 16:33 Read by April6090
The Tricks Of The Bad Wolf 24:34 Read by April6090
The Giants Castle 20:34 Read by April6090
The Brownie Jelly 22:58 Read by April6090
The Rescue Of Jack 16:46 Read by April6090


(5 stars)

very exciting and very good for young reader's 💖Love it so much !!(definitely not wasting your time if you Listen to it good story)

(3 stars)

the story is a cute old child's story - the characters are sweet, but there are also some plotholes and some elements (violence between animals, guns) that parents should be aware of. my daughter loved it when we read this together so I really appreciate the audiobook version. The reading is clear, although there some hiccups and some places where the sentence intonation is off.

(1 stars)

Terrible !!!! the reader trysts to do make husky voices..she's bad at it. storie far fetched..don't waste your time or data....BAD