The Romance of Modern Invention

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This is a volume of exploration into the newest inventions of the turn of the previous century. Journalist Archibald Williams walks the reader through diverse inventions which were changing the world at just that point in time. - Summary by Carolin (9 hr 1 min)


Wireless Telegraphy 32:57 Read by Kobe Dadd
High-speed Telegraphy 17:40 Read by Larry Wilson
The Telephone 23:56 Read by Dave Trek
The Phonograph 29:20 Read by Scotty Smith
The Telautograph 15:12 Read by Foon
Modern Artillery - Rifles, Machine guns 35:48 Read by Kirk Hendrick
Modern Artillery - Heavy Ordnance, Exploxives, In the Gun Factory 37:30 Read by Kirk Hendrick
Dirigible Torpedoes 23:25 Read by ToddHW
Submarine Boats 40:01 Read by tommack
Animated Pictures 26:10 Read by Sherri Lothridge
The Great Paris Telescope 20:35 Read by Manning Cross
Photographing the Invisible 17:47 Read by Manning Cross
Solar Motors 11:12 Read by Steve C
Liquid Air 15:51 Read by Sherri Lothridge
Horseless Carriages 16:43 Read by alyb87
Horseless Carriages - Types of Car 40:10 Read by realisticspeakers
High-Speed Railways 20:16 Read by alyb87
Sea Expresses 16:29 Read by ToddHW
Mechanical Flight 31:39 Read by alyb87
Type-setting by Machinery 22:05 Read by Steve C
Photography in Colours 22:43 Read by tommack
Lighting 23:34 Read by Foon