The Visits of Elizabeth

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(4.4 stars; 17 reviews)

Elizabeth is a young and naive debutante who is travelling around England and France fom one house party to the next, visiting friends and family, in search of a suitable husband. She is a rather good correspondent, sending her mother letters from all of these places and events. These letters are more shocking and concerning to her mother than Elizabeth might think, however, because due to her innocence the frequent innuendos made by her male acquaintances escape her. - Summary by Carolin (5 hr 15 min)


Nazeby Hall 17:58 Read by Marta A
300 Eaton Place 6:10 Read by cottage14
Heaviland Manor 15:54 Read by cottage14
Hazeldene Court 16:50 Read by cottage14
Château de Crioxmare 7:13 Read by Marta A
Yacht 'Sauterelle' 14:39 Read by cottage14
Caudebec 9:33 Read by Marta A
Hotel Frascati, Havre 6:45 Read by Marta A
Château de Crioxmare 20:26 Read by Minnie
Champs Elysées 8:50 Read by bookworm18
Château de Crioxmare, part 1 35:50 Read by annie70
Château de Crioxmare, part 2 20:43 Read by annie70
Château de Crioxmare, part 3 30:18 Read by annie70
Retby 28:38 Read by Allie Mandell
Carriston Towers 24:11 Read by Marta A
Chevenix Castle 28:24 Read by Marta A
Foljambe Place 22:40 Read by Marta A


this is a hoot

(5 stars)

i got a kick outta listening to these letters from young Elizabeth. i SKIPPED the chapters read by the man because, well, they ARE letters from a young lady, but the lady readers did excellent jobs.

(3 stars)

Only so so I am sorry to say. It had some funny or amusing parts. For an epistolary that is very funny, try Gentleman Prefer Blondes or Diary of a Nobody.

(5 stars)

Jane Austen - the metal version! Very fun and biting! All readers were very good. Especially Minnie sounded perfect for the role, but both Allie and Marta were really great too!

(5 stars)

I wonder, have we always been so silly? Well, if so, far less contemptibly then than now.