Birds and Nature, Vol. XI, No 1, January 1902

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"Birds and Nature" was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems, anecdotes and factual descriptions of birds, animals and other natural subjects with accompanying color plates. The magazine was published from 1897-1907 under the various titles, "Birds," "Birds and all Nature," "Nature and Art" and "Birds and Nature." - Summary by J. M. Smallheer (2 hr 26 min)


A Song for the New Year's Eve 2:07 Read by tovarisch
The Golden-Crowned Kinglet 5:04 Read by Rachel Evangeline Barham
The Talking Pine Tree 21:46 Read by tovarisch
The King Rail 5:13 Read by tovarisch
Between the Daylight and the Dark 7:43 Read by tovarisch
To a Nuthatch 1:14 Read by Phil Schempf
The Brown-Headed Nuthatch 4:30 Read by Phil Schempf
My Red-Headed Neighbors 18:23 Read by tovarisch
Beautiful Snow 1:33 Read by Nemo
The Sharp-Shinned Hawk 5:54 Read by Phil Schempf
Birds on the Wing 3:08 Read by GodsDreamer
A Sunset Club 5:38 Read by tovarisch
Quartz 11:59 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Evening in the Canyon 1:24 Read by Nemo
Berries of the Woods 4:45 Read by BettyB
Early Recollections of Natural Objects 2:36 Read by David Lawrence
Two Strange Homes 1:35 Read by David Lawrence
The Greenland Whale 12:29 Read by Availle
'Through the silent watches of the night' 0:52 Read by Rachel Evangeline Barham
The Thistle 8:57 Read by tovarisch
'The smallest effort is not lost' 0:47 Read by David Lawrence
With Silver Chains and Gay Attire 2:07 Read by Nemo
The Birds in Their Winter Home (In the Woods) 8:39 Read by BettyB
Irish Moss 7:10 Read by tovarisch
The Cardinal Flower 1:25 Read by tovarisch