Dead Love Has Chains

Read by Celine Major

(4.2 stars; 82 reviews)

We see another facet of Mary Elizabeth Braddon's amazing talent in Dead Love Has Chains, written in her seventies. Focusing on character and human psychology rather than detection and crime, this is one of her most interesting novels.

Pregnant and unmarried Irene Thelliston is sent home from India to live with her Aunt in Ireland. On her sea voyage she reveals her secret to Lady Mary Harling who swears to keep her confidence. Several years later to the horror of Lady Mary she becomes engaged to her son Conrad who has his own rather questionable past. Desperate to prevent this union, will Lady Mary break her oath?? When Irene's former lover returns threatening to come between her and Conrad, will their love prevail?????? - Summary by Celine Major (4 hr 43 min)


Chapter 1 22:21 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 2 19:51 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 3 36:37 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 4 14:52 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 5 30:36 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 6 22:39 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 7 28:47 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 8 Part 1 28:13 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 8 Part 2 29:43 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 8 Part 3 32:56 Read by Celine Major
Chapter 9 and Epilogue 16:42 Read by Celine Major


Nicely done, Celine M

(3.5 stars)

Recommend. Uncomplicated enjoyable romance free of intellectual challenge.. Characters are developed and sympathetic.enough to be drawn into the story . Celine M, the reader, is talented and a pleasure to hear. I just finished her narration of the epic 8 series, The Mysteries of Paris by Eugene Sue. Awesome undertaking. Thank you

Short Story Feel

(4 stars)

Loved the story and the familiar locations. The ending would be the start of a new length of a more complex narrative. Abrupt but probably a more realistic outcome. As an English reader of an English story I found the reading style stuccato, rather hurried American narration.

Love Story with a Twist

(5 stars)

This is an engaging book that you won’t want to put down. Conrad’s unlucky in love which costs him dearly. Can he find the pure, true love in a second try? Well narrated and I highly recommend.

One of my favorite readers

(2 stars)

I was not impressed with this story. It starts out pretty good then just fizzles. The ending was incomplete which I believe fiction does not have the right to do.

a bit much?

(4 stars)

perhaps, MEB had lost some control of the narrative? ah well, quite a tale! the reader would be excellent if she read more slowly.

Good Shorter Novel 4 hrs

(4 stars)

More tragedy then romance, though are both present in this novel.

(5 stars)

Good story; good reader. I thought I had the ending figured out, but I didn’t.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the book. The reader, not so much