Our Army at the Front

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During the US deployment in Europe in the final years of the Great War (WWI), the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) was accompanied by notable New York Tribune war correspondent, Heywood Broun. Although Broun better known (and remembered) as a sports writer, drama critic, journalist and social reformer, and not least as a member of the Algonquin Round Table, with such wits as Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley, his writing of the activities of the AEF as it helped defeat the Central Powers in the war provides a unique perspective, including a view of the international interaction between the Americans and their European allies.

The work concludes by reprinting the initial report to the Secretary of Defense by American General John J. (Black Jack) Pershing who was the commander of the AEF, and contains detailed information regarding the level of the US effort and something of the obstacles which had to be overcome for the AEF efforts to be successful. (Dr.PGould) (6 hr 38 min)


The Landing of Pershing 11:23 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
"Vive Pair-Shang!" 21:05 Read by Bill Boerst
The First Division Lands 18:14 Read by Mike Pelton
The Fourth of July 10:06 Read by DrPGould
What They Lived In 14:18 Read by Matt Markgraf
Getting Their Stride 15:52 Read by Matt Markgraf
Speeding Up 17:33 Read by Bill Boerst
Back with the Big Guns 11:55 Read by Peter John Keeble
The Eyes of the Army 11:08 Read by Peter John Keeble
The Schools for Officers 7:34 Read by BettyB
Some Distinguished Visitors 13:08 Read by John
The Men Who Did Everything 13:53 Read by John
Behind the Lines 13:55 Read by Lazlo
France and the Medicoes 12:58 Read by Mike Pelton
In Charge of Morale 10:00 Read by BettyB
Into the Trenches 13:17 Read by Peter John Keeble
Our Own Sector 12:42 Read by garybclayton
A Civilian Visitor 14:00 Read by BettyB
A Famous Gesture 13:47 Read by BettyB
The First Two Battles 16:11 Read by Mike Pelton
Teufel-Hunden 12:43 Read by Peter John Keeble
The Army of Manoeuvre 20:06 Read by garybclayton
St. Mihiel 14:36 Read by garybclayton
Meuse-Argonne Begins 14:24 Read by DrPGould
Cease Firing 11:38 Read by DrPGould
General Pershing's Report 51:36 Read by DrPGould