Swanhilde, and other Fairy Tales

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(4.9 stars; 9 reviews)

Wilhelm Hauff was a German poet and novelist, perhaps best known for his fairy tales (Märchen). Some of his stories, such as the Caliph Stork found in this volume, are popular in German-speaking countries to this day. In this book of fairy tales, we find the tale of the beautiful Swanhilde and various other stand-alone fairy tales, as well as a frame story "The Caravan" which includes multiple fairy tales within it. Hauff's freshness and originality shine through in these tales. (Foon) (6 hr 50 min)


Swanhilde, part 1 44:56 Read by thestorygirl
Swanhilde, part 2 27:50 Read by thestorygirl
The Shepherd Boy and the King's Daughter 31:00 Read by Zozue
The Caravan - The Caliph Stork 41:10 Read by Zozue
The Haunted Ship 28:32 Read by Zarina Silverman
The Story of the Severed Hand 41:15 Read by Jim Locke
Fatme's Rescue 44:59 Read by Jeff Burke
The Story of the False Prince 49:39 Read by Foon
The Stranger's Story 14:30 Read by Siobhan McAlpin
The Boy and the Treasures of the Old Witch 17:05 Read by Matt Bounds
The Princess on the Glass Mountain 37:14 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
The Story of Two Brothers 32:00 Read by Zarina Silverman