Humorous Poems

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This is a collection of fun poems by West Virginia poet M. Ignatius Brennan. In his poems, the poet makes fun of the people in his surroundings, and the society in which he lived. In most instances his humor is benevolent, but can turn malicious, for instance where Kentucky and Kentuckians are concerned. - Summary by Carolin (6 hr 37 min)


To My Reader 3:32 Read by BettyB
The Gossip 3:56 Read by Kurt
The Shoemaker 2:47 Read by BettyB
The Man you Owe 2:59 Read by Kurt
'Nothing to Wear' 2:31 Read by BettyB
The Banker 2:25 Read by BettyB
The Confidential Monger 2:26 Read by Kurt
Our Barber 1:57 Read by BettyB
In Wrong, as Usual 2:33 Read by Ian King
She Wore a Hobble 1:20 Read by Ellies
The Jollier 2:57 Read by Ellies
He Did Wrong - We Think 2:33 Read by Kurt
Circus Day 2:24 Read by Kurt
The Tube Skirts' Passing 2:28 Read by Kurt
Play Ball 2:31 Read by Kurt
The Office Spittoon 2:23 Read by DrPGould
The Holiday Grin 2:20 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
'You're Looking Fine' 3:38 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Expected Letter 2:48 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Bryan's Resignation 1:40 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Der Jitney 2:23 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Did this Ever Happen to You? 2:17 Read by Ian King
'You're Looking Bad' 2:45 Read by Ellies
Auto 'Filosofy' 2:47 Read by Ian King
Not Like I Used to Do 2:35 Read by Karla Patin
He's Always First 2:54 Read by Karla Patin
All the While 1:35 Read by Karla Patin
The Mustache's Return 1:43 Read by Karla Patin
The Collector 2:24 Read by Karla Patin
Uncle Henry Talks 2:19 Read by CoMo290
'When You and Me Were Boys' 2:04 Read by CoMo290
Tomorrow'll be Fair 1:25 Read by CoMo290
The Human Yard Stick 1:42 Read by CoMo290
My Lost Umbrella 2:32 Read by April6090
The Microbic Kiss 2:20 Read by Kurt
When Doctors Disagree 2:55 Read by BettyB
Jevver Move? 2:27 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Books Lent, but --? 2:46 Read by April6090
The Day that He Turned up His Toes 2:42 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Old State is Dry 2:22 Read by DrPGould
Mistress Jekyll-Hyde 2:11 Read by Leah Autry
Soliciting Cash Subscriptions 3:22 Read by Galaneth
'Jimmie Jones' 2:54 Read by Galaneth
Vacation Time 1:31 Read by Galaneth
An Awful Hallowe'en 1:45 Read by April6090
To Woodrow 1:56 Read by Ellies
How We Took in the Fair 3:57 Read by Ellies
The Opposites 2:32 Read by Ellies
Brennan is Quite a Humorist 3:55 Read by Ellies
When She Married 4:16 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
The Old Time Preacher 2:59 Read by DrPGould
The Nurse 2:46 Read by Foon
The Circus 2:33 Read by Foon
'Jevver Drink' 3:32 Read by Kurt
'Etiquette' 3:30 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
'Show Me' 2:40 Read by Scotty Smith
Every Day 1:59 Read by Scotty Smith
Rearing the Baby 3:13 Read by Scotty Smith
The Blissful Grave 2:58 Read by Scotty Smith
When You Have the Coin 3:22 Read by Scotty Smith
Does this Remind You? 4:12 Read by Scotty Smith
Ever Own a Camera? 4:12 Read by Scotty Smith
Christmas is Fine - But Oh My! 2:05 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
My Old Photograph 3:46 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Proof Reader 4:33 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Suffrage Cause 3:45 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
Uncle Henry Talks on Divorces 3:36 Read by Kurt
'Uncle' Lias 2:18 Read by Terry Murtha
That Yaller Dog 1:56 Read by Terry Murtha
The Pole, It's Ours 1:39 Read by Terry Murtha
The Church End-Hog 1:43 Read by Foon
The 'Wazzers' 2:11 Read by Terry Murtha
I'll Take Mine by Trolley 1:59 Read by Foon
You Should Take Your Time 2:43 Read by Kurt
The Knocker 2:13 Read by Foon
'Teddy's Out' 1:55 Read by Foon
The First Christmas I Remember 1:28 Read by BettyB
You're O.K., Miss Hobble 1:53 Read by Ellies
The Close-Fitting Skirt 1:37 Read by VelmaCariss
The Harem Skirt 2:19 Read by Ellies
The Sign of Spring 3:02 Read by nighthawks
The Office Roller-Towel 2:03 Read by Ellies
Doddridge Reminiscing 4:18 Read by Ellies
The Fellow Who Peddles the Books 3:15 Read by DrPGould
Mary Ellen Dwyer 4:40 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Matinee Girl 3:11 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
When We're Trimmed 3:40 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
What Becomes of Our 'Tillies'? 4:05 Read by BettyB
Pompous Flynn 2:29 Read by Ellies
Percy Cranium 1:56 Read by Foon
Mister Pomposity 3:33 Read by realisticspeakers
She Was Truly a Faddist 2:57 Read by Foon
Running for Office 3:18 Read by Trey Houck
The Fourth of Old July 1:30 Read by BettyB
Those Gallant Boys in Blue 3:19 Read by BettyB
This Fourth of July 2:40 Read by Bill Mosley
Memorial Day 1:28 Read by Bill Mosley
This Fourth Day of July 2:13 Read by Bill Mosley
Our Own Henry G. Davis 2:30 Read by Bill Mosley
A Leper 2:24 Read by Foon
Europe's War 2:17 Read by elizaswann
'Wild Bob' Burman 1:35 Read by Foon
'The Woman with the Baby' 2:54 Read by VelmaCariss
Vale - 1914 1:10 Read by BettyB
Welcome 1915 2:02 Read by BettyB
When Men Heed 1:34 Read by BettyB
The Old Mulberry Tree 2:21 Read by BettyB
To Our Departed Brothers 1:48 Read by Foon
The Municipal Christmas Tree 1:34 Read by Foon
Essence of Election Day 2:08 Read by Foon
In Behalf of Our Retail Clerks 2:11 Read by Foon
The Grave I'd Have 2:34 Read by Foon
To the Graduates 1:33 Read by Foon
The Constable's Sale 3:12 Read by Foon
Married for Money 2:35 Read by Foon
The Telegraph Operator 2:31 Read by Foon
The Saleslady 2:11 Read by Foon
Past, Present and Future 2:12 Read by DrPGould
The Telephone Girl 2:01 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
Go-to-Church Sunday 2:02 Read by BettyB
The Fulfilled Prophecy 1:55 Read by nighthawks
The World's Sweetest Story 1:41 Read by nighthawks
Ash Wednesday 2:43 Read by nighthawks
The Mother Church 3:49 Read by nighthawks
'Tis Time to Bid Them Stop 2:45 Read by April6090
The Broken Sleigh 5:03 Read by Ellies
The Siren Song 3:37 Read by Ellies
Uncle Henry Talks - The Malcontents 5:26 Read by Ellies
Jealousy 3:06 Read by Ellies
Post Election Thoughts 3:00 Read by DrPGould
'While We're Here' 1:15 Read by April6090
The Aviator Walsh 1:38 Read by BettyB
Mother's Day 1:57 Read by BettyB
Just You 1:03 Read by JMGaul
New Year's Resolutions 1:48 Read by JMGaul
The Knight of the Pencil and Pad 2:00 Read by Ian King
The Christmas Spirit 2:03 Read by JMGaul
In Memory of Daniel V. Hughes 1:11 Read by JMGaul
Fannie's Death 2:35 Read by JMGaul
'Mary and Joe' 2:58 Read by Foon
The Old and the New May Queen 1:37 Read by Foon
Matilda and Julia and Joe 8:26 Read by Foon
Mason and Henry 7:43 Read by Foon
'Happy John' and 'Solemn Joe' 11:54 Read by Foon
'The Upper and the Nether Stone' 6:07 Read by Foon


Funny and Smart. Just one thing...

(4.5 stars)

Ha it was good and funny and interesting. Only the narration is not the best. The voice isn't my favorite. It may be okay to you but it wasn't the best for me.