Freaks on the Fells: Three Months' Rustication, Story 1

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In this first story in Freaks on the Fells, Mr Sudberry, a successful London merchant takes his family on a Scottish highlands vacation. Over the course of the summer the family has lots of exciting adventures near and around the farm and adjoining fishing stream. - Summary by Linny (5 hr 43 min)


Mr Sudberry in his Counting-House 8:28 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
Mr Sudberry at Home 21:11 Read by AnnaLisa Bodtker
First Impressions 15:47 Read by Diana Schmidt
First Comers served first, etcetera 15:21 Read by Diana Schmidt
Some Account of a Great Fishing Expedition 31:36 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Picnic 16:26 Read by Doug Fajardo
The Picnic Concluded 17:46 Read by Doug Fajardo
Concerning Fowls and Pools 15:13 Read by fshort
A Grand Excursion over the Mountains 15:24 Read by fshort
Lost on the Mountains 13:19 Read by Pete McElveen
Still Lost! 12:03 Read by Pete McElveen
Found 10:46 Read by Pete McElveen
Visiting the Poor 18:18 Read by fshort
A Surprise and a Battle 18:27 Read by fshort
A Dream and a Ball 10:59 Read by Foon
The Effects of Compasses 10:49 Read by Foon
The Trip to Glen Ogle 15:33 Read by Nan Dodge
The Family go to Church under Difficulties 12:40 Read by Ellies
A Strange Home-Coming 11:53 Read by Ellies
Mysterious Matters—A Happy Return, etcetera. 24:46 Read by Ellies
The End 26:42 Read by Ellies