The Depths of the Soul

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(4.5 stars; 6 reviews)

Wilhelm Stekel was an Austrian physician and psychologist and one of Freud’s earliest followers. This title, originally published in 1921, was the author’s favorite of his own work. Covering a variety of topics he takes a psychoanalytic look into The Depths of the Soul. (6 hr 14 min)


Preface 1:32 Read by Lee Smalley
The Second World 16:00 Read by Eric Hodges
Gratitude and Ingratitude 17:24 Read by jenno
Unpacking One’s Heart 19:47 Read by Jill Preston
Laziness 16:05 Read by Deon Gines
Those Who Stand Outside 14:47 Read by Deon Gines
What Children Aspire To 16:00 Read by 5Tommy00
Independence 17:59 Read by Shasta
Jealousy 18:11 Read by Shasta
Childhood Friendship 10:49 Read by Kenzie Tartaglione
Eating 18:02 Read by Deanna Strauss
Are We All Megalomaniacs? 10:39 Read by Larry Wilson
Running Away From Home 16:35 Read by jenno
Dead-Heads 11:12 Read by Lee Smalley
Identification 16:51 Read by jenno
Refuge in Disease 12:08 Read by Lee Smalley
Why We Travel 20:38 Read by Jill Preston
Moody Persons 13:25 Read by 5Tommy00
Overvalued Ideas 13:57 Read by Lazlo
Affectionate Parents 15:24 Read by Larry Wilson
Why They Quarrel 14:30 Read by Lee Smalley
Looking into the Future 19:42 Read by Mike Pelton
Looking Backward 17:38 Read by Mike Pelton
All-Souls 14:24 Read by Eric Hodges
Mirror Slaves 10:44 Read by Lee Smalley


friends, family, harmony.

(5 stars)

Really liked the way life important aspects are covered.

A refreshing book.

(5 stars)

I found this book to be excellent but I wish it was just one reader.

Good book

(3 stars)

However some readers sound like robots, it's painful to listen to them