Tattlings of a Retired Politician

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"The letters (non-partisan) of Hon. William Bradley, Ex-Governor and former veteran of practical politics, written to his friend and protege Ned who is still busy 'carving a career back in the old state.'" ( F. Crissey) This is a novel filled with humorous political anecdotes by the main character, the Honorable William Bradley, told for the benefit of his protege, Ned. It conveys a sense of the ironic and humorous side of politics in Washington and back in their home state. (5 hr 25 min)


Forward 3:28 Read by DrPGould
Still Hunts and Stolen Marches 13:57 Read by DrPGould
Parable of the Widow's Mite 10:05 Read by DrPGould
A Million-Dollar Bribe 14:31 Read by DrPGould
Political Spanks and Spankers 11:21 Read by DrPGould
A Woman in It 15:11 Read by DrPGould
How the Dear People Forget 11:37 Read by zanship
Puppets and Pulls 10:49 Read by zanship
Grafters and Stingers 10:22 Read by zanship
Quitters and Stayers 11:45 Read by zanship
Eleventh Hour Surprises 10:03 Read by zanship
Paying the Fiddler 18:16 Read by Billium113
Landslides and Storm Centers 22:25 Read by Billium113
The Glad-Hand Brigade 17:27 Read by Billium113
Fights and Feuds 16:16 Read by John
Trail of the Serpent 16:09 Read by John
Fruits of Victory 21:35 Read by John
Love at First Sight 15:22 Read by zanship
At the Drop of the Hat 12:21 Read by zanship
The Graft and the Gaff 15:20 Read by zanship
Flirting with the Fixer 10:14 Read by zanship
Kissing by Favor 20:54 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
The Game and the Candle 16:11 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson