Dawn of the Morning

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(4.5 stars; 309 reviews)

Fresh from school, mistreated and neglected by her father and stepmother, sixteen-year-old Dawn consents to marry a friend of her father's whom she has only met, but the wedding does not go as planned. Scared and confused, she runs away after the ceremony. Many adventures follow lovely and resourceful Dawn on her journey to becoming an independent woman. - Summary by karlkzumich (9 hr 8 min)


Chapter I 26:43 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter II 24:14 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter III 12:29 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter IV 15:35 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter V 13:19 Read by Deanna Strauss
Chapter VI 25:51 Read by fiddlesticks
Chapter VII 17:50 Read by Rosamunde Kingsley
Chapter VIII 18:59 Read by Rosamunde Kingsley
Chapter IX 18:20 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter X 13:44 Read by PattyT
Chapter XI 9:53 Read by PattyT
Chapter XII 21:52 Read by PattyT
Chapter XIII 19:13 Read by LikeManyWaters
Chapter XIV 14:25 Read by LikeManyWaters
Chapter XV 19:55 Read by LikeManyWaters
Chapter XVI 14:53 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter XVII 27:18 Read by Rosamunde Kingsley
Chapter XVIII 23:20 Read by Barbara Hale
Chapter XIX 21:18 Read by Conshab
Chapter XX 38:07 Read by Melissa Green
Chapter XXI 22:41 Read by Melissa Green
Chapter XXII 17:25 Read by Annike Lindhout
Chapter XXIII 12:47 Read by LikeManyWaters
Chapter XXIV 15:56 Read by LikeManyWaters
Chapter XXV 23:29 Read by DanielHCrump
Chapter XXVI 40:28 Read by NTReads
Chapter XXVII 4:36 Read by PattyT
Chapter XXVIII 13:38 Read by PattyT


(3 stars)

Story was interesting with twist and turns. it had plenty of villans. Most of the narrators were descent.

(5 stars)

Too bad I can’t give it more than five stars. Grace Livingston Hill has a fantastic imagination and she used it brilliantly in this delightful story. I like her books because they swept me into lands of fantasy that seem so real. But because we know then aren’t we can be carried away for a few hours not like so many modern books which seem so dark with the cares of life.


(4 stars)

This is one of GLH's good ones. The beginning is very gripping and emotional - I really was kept guessing. Her books seem to be more or less repetitive - this one is in the middle. She over uses some phrases - "poor child" and repeated mention of the tasseled curls - but it's not as bad as some GLH books which are just so over the top. This book also isn't very spiritual, as her stories also range from extremely Christian to vaguely moral... this is on the just moral side. Finally, this is a rare collection of all good readers and sound quality. Only one reader nearly spoils an otherwise excellent effort. I almost didn't listen when I saw it was a collaboration, that would be a mistake, in this case! All around good.

Unrealistic story but well read

(3 stars)

Not one of my best Grace Livingston Hill’s book because of how unrealistic and shallow the story is. In my view, her heroine’s main quality was her physical beauty. The actions of the girl made her appear as very naive, not innocent. Grace LH writes very well so the book is not boring. If you are like me and you like depths in your story and qualities you can learn from, you might be disappointed with this book, as only few nuggets can be gotten from the time spent. However, the quality of the reading is very good. The readers did a very good job with the book. Well done readers.

I'm so angry!!! GLH is a Master Writer

(5 stars)

i have already listened to this novel a few times but even so, as I listen, (Chapter 8), GLH has such a way of building the characters and the story lines that i am currently sitting in the room with Dawn and ready to wring her stepmother's neck. The cruelty of the stepmother. The cowardice of her father... Even reminding myself that this is a work of fiction and that these characters 'lived' 2 centuries prior. DOESN'T MATTER!!! GLH is a Master Weaver - when you finish this story, continue to discover other writhed by this author. July 2021

Historical Fiction

(4 stars)

I first read this book more than 40 years ago, and I had forgotten quite a bit about it. It is set in upstate New York in the early 1800s, just when the railroads were were being built, but most people traveled by stagecoach or canal barge. Lots of interesting trivia woven seamlessly throughout. The romance is sweet, and there are enough plot twists to keep things interesting.

Tragic yet with endurance

(4 stars)

Dawn grows in her will and wisdom of the world. She faces many hardship-- death of loved-ones, rejection, hunger, false accusations, etc. Her willingness to fight for truth & forgive in word and action, is a model to emulate. Although there were many readers & lengthy twists in the story--I recommend this read.

Very Suspenseful.

(5 stars)

Seems like a long book, but my, how it flies by. Barbara Hale was my favorite reader. I have been listening to some of Grace Livingston Hill’s other books and they just keep getting better and better! I also recommend another author, similar to Grace Livingston Hill, ”Pansy” (Grace’s aunt)