The Wyvern Mystery

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(3.6 stars; 21 reviews)

A classic with a pinch of romance, a pinch of gothic, and a dash of mystery, are you interested yet? When young Alice Maybell’ father dies she is taken in by Squire Fairfield, a widower with two handsome young sons, Charles and Harry. As Alice grows into a lovely young woman she attracts the attentions of more than one admirer, not all welcome. She marries the man she loves whilst fleeing the home she grew up in, but the blissful happiness that follows is short-lived. She finds herself pulled into the middle of the secrets of her husbands family’s past. No one is quite what they seem, and there are many twists along the way. What is this dark secret in her husband’s past? Who - or what - is the malignant presence that haunts Carwell Grange? Join us as we answer these troubling questions in ‘The Wyvern Mystery’ - Summary by fiddlesticks (15 hr 12 min)


Alice Maybell 6:34 Read by Amy
The Vale of Carwell 8:01 Read by fiddlesticks
The Grange 14:24 Read by John
The Old Squire and Alice Maybell 16:05 Read by John
The Terrace Garden 18:14 Read by John
The Old Squire Unlike Himself 14:08 Read by Rachel Lintern
The Squires Eldest Son Comes Home 16:58 Read by Rachel Lintern
Never Did Run Smooth 12:48 Read by Rachel Lintern
in which the Squire Loses His Gold Headed Cane 12:24 Read by KaelyMonahan
The Drive Over Cressley Common by Moonlight 12:19 Read by John
Home 14:27 Read by Shasta
The Omen of Carwell Grange 15:39 Read by Shasta
An Inspection of Carwell Grange 15:14 Read by Shasta
A Letter 10:17 Read by Lucy Park
Harry Arrives 8:18 Read by Joan Windle
A Party of Three 9:05 Read by Joan Windle
Mildred Tarnley’s Warning Story 23:07 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Brothers’ Walk 16:24 Read by Melissa Green
Coming In 14:38 Read by John
Harry Appears at the Grange 14:28 Read by John
Harry’s Beer and Conversation 15:50 Read by John
The Trout 7:21 Read by John
The Visitor 16:44 Read by John
The Summons 27:16 Read by Melissa Green
Lilly Dogger is Sent to Bed 11:31 Read by John
The Lady has her Tea 20:49 Read by John
Through the House 8:15 Read by John
The Bell Rings 14:48 Read by John
Tom is Ordered Up 13:33 Read by John
The Old Soldier Grows More Friendly and Frightens Mrs. Tarnley 22:28 Read by Sandra Cullum
News From Cressley Common 13:52 Read by John
An Unlooked-for Return 19:07 Read by John
Charles Fairfield Alone 11:21 Read by John
Awake 17:24 Read by Dustin Thomas
Restless 17:44 Read by John
Through the Wall 19:32 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Messenger 16:41 Read by John
Unreasonable Bertha 13:33 Read by John
An Abduction 12:44 Read by John
Pursuit 9:02 Read by John
Day-Twilight-Darkness 9:12 Read by John
Hatherton 9:50 Read by John
The Welcome 8:49 Read by John
The Wykford Doctor 7:13 Read by Adrian Stephens
Speech Returns 9:40 Read by John
Harry Drinks a Glass and Spills a Glass 10:11 Read by John
Home to Wyvern 11:38 Read by John
A Twilight Visit 17:32 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Heir of the Fairfields 17:21 Read by Adrian Stephens
Bertha Velderkaust 18:48 Read by Adrian Stephens
Sergent-Major Archdale 15:12 Read by Adrian Stephens
A Talk With the Squire 15:44 Read by John
Harry Fairfield Grows Uneasy 12:44 Read by John
A Drive to Twyford 19:43 Read by John
How Fares the Child? 20:59 Read by John
The Old Squire Leaves Wyvern 9:18 Read by John
Marjory Trevellian 14:59 Read by John
The Enchanted Garden 15:27 Read by John
An Old Friend 7:00 Read by John
Tom Orange 7:41 Read by John
The Hour and the Man 9:22 Read by John
The March to Noulton Farm 21:17 Read by John
A Silent Farewell 13:41 Read by John
The March by Night 14:52 Read by John
Conclusion 11:37 Read by John


(0.5 stars)

This story is just awful. Don’t bother with it. Ugh. Tedious, disjointed, no point, bad characters....don’t bother.

(2 stars)

Rambling interminable text coupled with amateurish readers. Would advise giving this one a wide berth

to long and to wordy

(4 stars)