Tracked by a Tattoo

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(4.1 stars; 74 reviews)

Mysteries abound in this crime novel by Fergus Hume. Mr. Fanks, detective of Scotland Yard, is not all he seems, for when off-duty, he assumes his real identity of Octavius Rixton, well-to-do idler. When the scent of a murder reaches him, he is instantly Mr. Fanks and on the pursuit. A guilty looking innkeeper nicknamed Queen Beelzebub and a suspicious doctor named Renshaw further complicate his beginning investigation, and he finds the body is a man with a tattoo on his arm that has been partially obliterated by a knife. Where no one is as he seems the mystery can only deepen before its solution. - Summary by Don W. Jenkins (8 hr 35 min)


The Crime 17:41 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Recognition 15:37 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Result of the Crime 15:12 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Another Discovery 14:47 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Red Star Advertisement 12:56 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Startling Incident 15:43 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Difficulties 13:52 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Mysterious Package 13:11 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Vaud and Vaud 13:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Another Link in the Chain 14:22 Read by Mark Nelson
The Intervention of Chance 13:55 Read by Mark Nelson
The Tattooed Cross 14:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Fanks Makes Up his Mind 14:36 Read by Mark Nelson
Coming Events 14:23 Read by Mark Nelson
Unhappy Lovers 14:14 Read by Mark Nelson
Two against One 13:33 Read by Mark Nelson
On the Twenty-First of June 14:30 Read by Mark Nelson
The Defiance of Anne Colmer 14:42 Read by Mark Nelson
The Green Overcoat 13:40 Read by Mark Nelson
The Eight Bells Enigma 14:46 Read by Mark Nelson
Mrs. Boazoph Receives a Shock 15:42 Read by Mark Nelson
The Confession of Hersham 14:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Exit Dr. Renshaw 14:26 Read by Mark Nelson
The Clue of the Handwriting 15:47 Read by Mark Nelson
At Mere Hall, Hants 16:11 Read by Mark Nelson
Mrs. Prisom's Story 14:40 Read by Mark Nelson
Mrs. Prisom's Story--continued 14:54 Read by Mark Nelson
Sir Louis Explains 13:28 Read by Mark Nelson
Dr. Binjoy Protests 16:59 Read by Mark Nelson
A Letter from Hersham, Senior 17:11 Read by Mark Nelson
The Secret is Revealed 15:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Mrs. Boazoph Tells the Truth 16:36 Read by Mark Nelson
How and Why the Deed was Done 13:32 Read by Mark Nelson
The Same 16:57 Read by Mark Nelson
The Opinion of Octavius Fanks 9:31 Read by Mark Nelson


super: classic Hume

(5 stars)

Although both readers were excellent, it would have been better if one or the other had read it all because after the voice changed from Don W Jenkins , it took me a while to get to grips who was who in the story when mark nelson took over the story; The story itself, is a classic Fergus Hume book full of lively interesting characters and plot twists ; I find it easier if I read and listen to some stories at the same time, and this was one of those due to the many characters in it. I found this one on project Gutenberg since it wasn’t in his collected novels on kindle; if you like Hume you’ll like JS Fletcher from the same era; murder intrigue and double or even triple identities


(5 stars)

One of the most convoluted tales ever contrived. Great fun and well-read. Enjoy.


(2 stars)

My two stars are for readers who , as usual, are excellent. The story not so much. It's far two complex with an over abundance of red herrings, mistaken identities and implausible plot twists. I was glad when it limped to a finish! I' ve enjoyed several other Hume mysteries but not this one.

(4 stars)

Very complicated plot with a lot of characters, but a good story. First reader, meh. Second reader much better.

(5 stars)

Another good story by Fergus Hume, keeping us guessing with all its twists and turns! Well read. T?hank you

(3 stars)

Too much of a muchness. It was nearly impossible to get peoples names and aliases stray.

A well read tale. i enjoyed it.

(5 stars)

(0.5 stars)

Some white people will go through the trouble of writing an entire novel just to "get away" using the N word.