Short Story Collection Vol. 074

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 12 reviews)

A diverse collection of short stories selected and read in English by Librivox readers. This time, we delve into the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, Lord Dunsany, Ambrose Bierce and Edgar Allen Poe and others to bring you tales of mystery, the thought-provoking, the mystical and the amusing. So sit back and enjoy the 74th Librivox Short Story Collection! (6 hr 53 min)


Beyond the Door by Philip K Dick 15:43 Read by Matt Bounds
The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe 35:19 Read by Ron Altman
The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce 11:51 Read by Tony Scheinman
A Case of Identity by Arthur Conan Doyle 41:10 Read by Lynne T
Caught On The Ebb-Tide by Edward P. Roe 21:17 Read by LikeManyWaters
Charon by Lord Dunsany 2:58 Read by Tony Scheinman
The Cobbler Astrologer by Charles John Tibbitts 28:56 Read by Michele Fry
The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar by Edgar Allen Poe 32:20 Read by Ron Altman
The Girl at the Switchboard by William Nelson Taft 30:26 Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
How The Office Of Postman Fell Vacant In Otford-Under-The-Wold Lord Dunsany 11:49 Read by Dale Grothmann
Madame Versay by Melville Davisson Post 30:45 Read by Utek
Mrs. Dennison’s Head by Dod Grile 8:00 Read by Dale Grothmann
Plato: The Story of a Cat by A. S. Downs 7:17 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Sending of Dana Da by Rudyard Kipling 23:56 Read by Lynne T
The Sphinx at Gizeh by Lord Dunsany 3:37 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Stone by Henry Goodman 27:08 Read by Dale Grothmann
An Unexpected Result by Edward P. Roe 45:51 Read by LikeManyWaters
An Unfinished Race by Ambrose Bierce 3:23 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Wasted Gift by anonymous 22:11 Read by Mari Patterson
When I was Dead by Vincent O'Sullivan 9:20 Read by Tony Scheinman


(5 stars)

listen to the last story. great story. good for halloween