The Suppressed Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

To those unacquainted with Tennyson's conscientious methods, it may seem strange that a volume of 160 pages is necessary to contain those poems written and published by him during his active literary career, and ultimately rejected as unsatisfactory. Of this considerable body of verse, a great part was written, not in youth or old age, but while Tennyson's powers were at their greatest. Whatever reasons may once have existed for suppressing the poems that follow, the student of English literature is entitled to demand that the whole body of Tennyson's work should now be open, without restriction or impediment, to the critical study to which the works of his compeers are subjected. - Summary by Editor's Note (2 hr 52 min)


Timbuctoo 15:00 Read by Larry Wilson
The 'How' and the 'Why' 2:30 Read by Larry Wilson
The Burial of Love 1:32 Read by Larry Wilson
To —— 0:46 Read by Foon
Song ''I' the gloaming light'' 1:18 Read by Sterling Bronwyn
Song ''Every day hath its night'' 1:33 Read by Michele Fry
Hero to Leander 1:57 Read by Larry Wilson
The Mystic 3:17 Read by Nemo
The Grasshopper 2:18 Read by Nemo
Love, Pride and Forgetfulness 1:02 Read by Nemo
Chorus ''The varied earth, the moving heaven'' 1:57 Read by Nemo
Lost Hope 0:46 Read by Tina
The Tears of Heaven 0:49 Read by Larry Wilson
Love and Sorrow 1:24 Read by Foon
To a Lady Sleeping 0:59 Read by Tina
Sonnet ''Could I outwear my present state of woe'' 1:21 Read by Tina
Sonnet ''Though Night hath climbed'' 1:19 Read by Tina
Sonnet ''Shall the evil hag die'' 1:04 Read by Larry Wilson
Sonnet ''The pallid thunder stricken sigh for gain'' 1:16 Read by Ellies
Love 2:51 Read by Renee Newcross
English War Song 2:58 Read by Ellies
National Song 1:36 Read by Sterling Bronwyn
Dualisms 1:28 Read by Michele Fry
οἱ ρἑοντες 1:08 Read by Larry Wilson
Song ''The lintwhite and the throstlecock'' 1:50 Read by Foon
A Fragment 2:27 Read by Ellies
Anacreontics 0:57 Read by Foon
''O sad no more! Oh sweet no more'' 0:57 Read by J. N. Fletcher
Sonnet ''Check every outflash, every ruder sally'' 1:37 Read by J. N. Fletcher
Sonnet ''Me my own fate to lasting sorrow doometh'' 1:25 Read by J. N. Fletcher
Sonnet ''There are three things that fill my heart with sighs'' 1:29 Read by J. N. Fletcher
Sonnet ''Oh beauty, passing beauty'' 1:12 Read by Ellies
The Hesperides 6:28 Read by Ellies
Rosalind 1:40 Read by April6090
Song ''Who can say'' 0:32 Read by bdanzige
Sonnet ''Blow ye the trumpet, gather from afar'' 1:06 Read by Larry Wilson
O Darling Room 0:56 Read by Ren
To Christopher North 1:05 Read by Foon
The Lotos-Eaters 2:30 Read by Nemo
A Dream of Fair Women 1:30 Read by Jude
Cambridge 1:22 Read by Jude
The Germ of 'Maud' 3:06 Read by Nemo
''A gate and a field half ploughed'' 0:49 Read by Nemo
The Skipping-Rope 1:07 Read by April6090
The New Timon and the Poets 3:08 Read by Foon
Mablethorpe 0:47 Read by Michael MacTaggert
''What time I wasted youthful hours'' 0:44 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Britons, Guard your Own 3:04 Read by bdanzige
Hands all Round 3:30 Read by Ellies
Suggested by Reading an Article in a Newspaper 5:52 Read by Larry Wilson
''God bless our Prince and Bride'' 1:21 Read by Ellies
The Ringlet 2:57 Read by Foon
Song ''Home they brought him slain with spears'' 1:19 Read by Ellies
1865-1866 0:53 Read by April6090
The Lover's Tale, part 1 32:21 Read by Ellies
The Lover's Tale, part 2 30:30 Read by Ellies