Earth's Enigmas

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Most of the stories in this collection attempt to present one or another of those problems of life or nature to which, as it appears to many of us, there is no adequate solution within sight. Others are the almost literal transcript of dreams which seemed to me to have a coherency, completeness, and symbolic significance sufficiently marked to justify me in setting them down. The rest are scenes from that simple life of Canadian backwoods and tide-country with which my earlier years made me familiar. - Summary by CHARLES G D ROBERTS (4 hr 28 min)


Do Seek their Meat from God 14:19 Read by Larry Wilson
The Perdu 32:47 Read by Jessica Renfro
The Young Ravens that Call upon Him 8:03 Read by Larry Wilson
Within Sound of the Saws 24:32 Read by April6090
The Butt of the Camp 18:30 Read by Pete McElveen
In the Accident Ward 4:04 Read by Larry Wilson
The Romance of an Ox-Team 18:11 Read by KHand
A Tragedy of the Tides 16:31 Read by April6090
At the Rough-and-Tumble Landing 18:40 Read by Zloot
An Experience of Jabez Batterpole 11:24 Read by Matt Bounds
The Stone Dog 19:35 Read by Nemo
The Barn on the Marsh 12:11 Read by Nemo
Captain Joe and Jamie 16:18 Read by Mitzi
Strayed 8:45 Read by Larry Wilson
The Eye of Gluskâp 44:13 Read by Kate Follis