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Catherine Booth and William Booth were a ministry team founding the Salvation Army, which has spread from its humble beginnings in England to a global church with a presence in 131 countries and a membership of 1.7 million. Although best known to many people for its relief and charitable work, the Salvation Army is at its core a church from the Wesleyan tradition. Partly due the strong leadership from Catherine Booth, women are encouraged to participate fully in the ministry to the highest levels. In this book Catherine Booth’s writing touches on the basics of faith – repentance, faith, charity and prayer. The book concludes with a series of addresses on holiness, the cardinal doctrine of Holiness churches. - Summary by Larry Wilson (4 hr 48 min)


Prefaces and Introduction 13:42 Read by Larry Wilson
Chapter 1 Repentance 21:33 Read by Ellies
Chapter 2 Saving Faith 32:37 Read by Ellies
Chapter 3 Charity 15:05 Read by Ellies
Chapter 4 Charity and Rebuke 17:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
Chapter 5 Charity and Conflict 23:52 Read by Kathleen Moore
Chapter 6 Charity and Loneliness 27:36 Read by Kathleen Moore
Chapter 7 Conditions of Effectual Prayer 23:37 Read by Devorah Allen
Chapter 8 The Perfect Heart 18:53 Read by Aidan Williamson
Chapter 9 How to Work for God with Success 26:55 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Chapter 10 Enthusiasm and Full Salvation 7:37 Read by mpcarlisle
Chapter 11 Hindrances to Holiness 9:27 Read by Mari Patterson
Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: First Address 15:03 Read by Ellies
Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Second Address 12:22 Read by Christine Coleman
Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Third Address 9:27 Read by pattymarie
Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Fourth Address 13:18 Read by Ellies


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The seeds of renewal and revival are often in the heart and words of the founders of those movements. They will need sometimes to be contextualized to be understood. They may need to be integrated with other truths... mostly they need to be believed and acted on. It has been true for the last 2000 years... the large numbers of religious fools that have changed the world for the better because they were determined to follow Jesus... even if this meant apparently learning to walk on water. Revival has 2 enduring marks... a religious concern for and commitment to be with the poor Isaiah 58 and the power of the Holy Spirit. Resistance to revival seeks to separate these two things... Remembering that when Jesus started his ministry he quotes the prophets by saying, “The Spirit of the lord is upon me to preach good news to the poor...”