Twenty-Five Cent Dinners for Families of Six

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Juliet Corson has put together a few books on economic housekeeping, and this is a fine example. Almost 150 years after publication (1878), it has become quite impossible to feed anyone on 25 cents, but the principles on how to cook economically have not changed much. In any case, modern readers can still enjoy the recipes Ms Corson has compiled, and learn from her introductory notes. - Summary by Carolin (3 hr 11 min)


Prefaces 10:01 Read by Leni
Chapter I - Marketing 16:01 Read by Colleen McMahon
Chapter II - How to Cook, Season, and Measure 12:19 Read by Leni
Chapter III - Beverages 10:28 Read by BettyB
Chapter IV - Bread, Macaroni, and Rice 17:42 Read by BettyB
Chapter V - Soup 19:59 Read by BettyB
Chapter VI - Peas, Beans, Lentils, and Maize 18:02 Read by Nan Dodge
Chapter VII - Cheap Fish and Meat Dinners 19:53 Read by Nan Dodge
Chapter VIII - Sunday Dinners 31:53 Read by BettyB
Chapter IX - Cheap Puddings, Pies, and Cakes 13:45 Read by BettyB
Chapter X - Dessert Dishes 21:09 Read by BettyB