The Yellow Dove

Read by Tony Oliva

(4.4 stars; 22 reviews)

A World War 1 spy vs spy novel. Oh! And perhaps I should also mention, a bit of romance?
"I am sorry,” he said coolly, "awfully sorry. As you know, I would have had things different. You may still doubt me when I say that what I have done is the hardest task that I ever undertook in my life. But that is true. You were the only person in England who jeopardized my existence there. I had to take you away. I regret the necessity of having to use force. I shall do what I can here upon the Sylph to counteract the unpleasant impression of my brutality. I am not a bully and a woman-baiter. I am a spoke in the wheel of destiny which you had clogged. By all the rules of the game you should have died. Reasons which I need not mention made your death at my hands an impossibility. So I merely removed you to a place of safety. No harm shall come to you, I pledge my honor." (Excerpt from Chapter 13.) (10 hr 51 min)


PRELUDE 8:21 Read by Tony Oliva
SHELTERED PEOPLE 26:56 Read by Tony Oliva
THE UNDERCURRENT 27:14 Read by Tony Oliva
RICE-PAPERS 27:22 Read by Tony Oliva
DANGEROUS SECRETS 21:11 Read by Tony Oliva
THE PURSUIT CONTINUES 25:48 Read by Tony Oliva
RIZZIO TAKES CHARGE 26:00 Read by Tony Oliva
AN INTRUDER 23:40 Read by Tony Oliva
EVIDENCE 22:46 Read by Tony Oliva
THE VIKING’S TOWER 25:54 Read by Tony Oliva
THE YELLOW DOVE 20:45 Read by Tony Oliva
VON STROMBERG 27:24 Read by Tony Oliva
HAMMERSLEY EXPLAINS 19:11 Read by Tony Oliva
THE UNWILLING GUEST 30:32 Read by Tony Oliva
THE INQUISITION 35:33 Read by Tony Oliva
THE GENERAL PLAYS TO WIN 29:43 Read by Tony Oliva
LINDBERG 43:15 Read by Tony Oliva
SUCCESS 32:49 Read by Tony Oliva
THE CAVE ON THE THORWALD 29:21 Read by Tony Oliva
THE FIGHT IN THE CAVERN 27:16 Read by Tony Oliva
HARE AND HOUNDS 34:10 Read by Tony Oliva
FROM THE HEIGHTS 30:07 Read by Tony Oliva
HEADQUARTERS 22:13 Read by Tony Oliva


Uneven Quality

(3 stars)

I have no problem with the narration--I can understand every word. The plot, however, seems muddled and contrived. The best scenes, by far, are of flying; open cockpit biplane or monoplane into heavy weather and enemy fire, to land nearly blind! The author integrates every sense into the experience. I'm glad I read it.

(2 stars)

With all due respect, Tony O. Is a talented narrator but for his fake Irish brogue...couldn’t handle it. Didn’t make it to the end of the first chapter. Mr Oliva is a top reader. It would be so much better if he toned down the drama and kept to his real voice.


(5 stars)

Gibbs always gives you full value for your buck. Ellene may not have liked the Irish brogue, but when Von Stromberg spoke, I quailed. A fine work and a fine read by Tony. Thanks for the time.

One of my favorite narrators

(3 stars)

2019 - drags a bit at times, but it does have quite of bit of action adventure.

Clare Brennan

(5 stars)

exciting so well read