Popular Superstitions, and the Truths Contained Therein

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"In the following Letters I have endeavoured to exhibit in their true light the singular natural phenomena of which old superstition and modern charlatanism in turn availed themselves—to indicate their laws, and to develop their theory." (from the Preface of the book)
In 14 letters, British physiologist Herbert Mayo (1796-1852) is giving the reader an overview of popular superstitions of previous times, like vampirism, somnambulism or even ghost sightings, and exposing how in previous times they were treated with fear, ignorance and intolerance, often leading to crime, while he endeavours to give rational explanations for the phenomena with the goal to find treatments and cures for the afflicted.
- Summary by Sonia (8 hr 6 min)


Prefatory Remarks 2:46 Read by Sonia
Letter I - The Divining Rod 38:54 Read by Marta A
Letter II - Vampyrism 37:51 Read by Jim Locke
Letter III - Unreal Ghosts 33:48 Read by Jim Locke
Letter IV - True Ghosts 30:08 Read by Jim Locke
Letter V - Trance 24:28 Read by Jim Locke
Letter VI - Trance-sleep 15:42 Read by Greg Giordano
Letter VII - Half-waking Trance, or Somnambulism 20:33 Read by Greg Giordano
Letter VIII - Trance-waking 40:10 Read by Jean Coleman
Letter IX - Religious Delusions 35:48 Read by Jim Locke
Letter X - Mesmerism 42:39 Read by Owlivia
Letter XI - Supplemental 1:07:00 Read by Jim Locke
Letter XII - The Odometer or Divining Ring 21:39 Read by Jim Locke
Letter XIII - The Solution 47:22 Read by Jim Locke
Letter XIV - Hypnotism. Trance Umbra 24:45 Read by Jim Locke
Conclusion 2:46 Read by Sonia


Another Interesting Work Ruined

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The lethargic, ungifted individual reading the bulk of this work ruins yet another piece which, if not for him, would have been quite enjoyable.