Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of poetry and prose by Howard Saxby. These pieces are the sort of stories and poems that can be enjoyed by children because the humour in them is universal, but they are more geared towards adults. The themes and intent of the pieces are varied, with humour prevailing in most items. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 23 min)


Germs and the Man 3:36 Read by Foon
The Vagabond's Song 3:04 Read by Foon
A Counter Irritant 2:08 Read by Foon
A Sioux Sleep Song 1:50 Read by Erin Grassie
The Atonement 6:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Past and Future 1:49 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Two Letters 1:37 Read by Greg Giordano
Two in a Boat 14:14 Read by Greg Giordano
Out West 1:49 Read by Greg Giordano
An International Boasting Party 5:22 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
A Portrait of the Virgin 11:28 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
The Pirate and the Trusts 2:21 Read by James K. White
The Rule of the Pen 1:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Mrs. Van Ousten's Mistake 10:18 Read by Bhavya
The Paraphrase 1:57 Read by Erin Grassie
The Bench in the Garden 2:03 Read by Larry Wilson
When Falls the Rain 9:44 Read by Erin Grassie
A Finnish Lullaby 2:17 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva