The Theory and Practice of Brewing

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This is an elaborate treatise on how to brew beer. That art is as noble today as it was in 1761, when this book was first published, and Mr. Combrune was a master of his art. After reading his work on this topic, a glass of beer can be enjoyed on quite a different level. - Summary by Carolin (9 hr 23 min)


An Explanation of the Technical Terms 18:52 Read by BettyB
Of Fire 8:41 Read by Gren
Of Air 6:55 Read by Peter Musgrove
Of Water 17:50 Read by Christina M Clark
Of Earth 1:25 Read by Foon
Of Menstruums or Dissolvents 8:34 Read by Foon
Of the Thermometer 12:44 Read by ToddHW
Of the Vine, its Fruits, and Juices 22:00 Read by bpgower98
Of Fermentation in General 19:17 Read by Adam Santoni
Of Artificial Fermentation 11:49 Read by Adam Santoni
Of the Nature of Barley 7:31 Read by Pete McElveen
Of Malting 25:49 Read by Valentina Vocelli
Of the Different Properties of Malt, and of the Number of its Fermentable Parts 29:36 Read by markevogt
Observations on Defective Malts 10:35 Read by Pete McElveen
The Practice of Brewing 7:44 Read by Christina M Clark
Of the Heat of the Air 16:52 Read by Jennifer Stearns
Of Grinding 4:03 Read by Monika M. C.
Of Extraction, part 1 27:08 Read by Ariphron
Of Extraction, part 2 42:05 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Of the Nature and Properties of Hops 33:46 Read by Lucretia B.
Of the Lengths Necessary to Form Malt-Liquors of the Several Denominations 4:18 Read by Monika M. C.
Method of Calculating the Height in the Copper at which Worts Are to Go out 11:47 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Of Boiling 8:05 Read by Availle
Of the Quantity of Water wasted; and of the Application of the preceding Rules … 5:55 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Of the Division of the Water for the respective Worts and Mashes, and of the He… 28:25 Read by Matthew Newell
An enquiry into the Volume of Malt, in order to reduce the Grist to liquid Meas… 35:17 Read by Lucretia B.
Of the Proportion of cold Water to be added to that which is on the point of Bo… 21:52 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Of Mashing 4:18 Read by Brian James
Of the Incidents, which cause the Heat of the Extract to vary from the Calculat… 25:26 Read by Chris Gray
Of the disposition of the Worts when turned out of the Copper, the thickness th… 13:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
Of Yeast, its nature, and contents, and of the manner and quantities in which i… 11:17 Read by Kathleen Moore
Of practical Fermentation, and the management of the several sorts of Malt Liqu… 14:57 Read by Kathleen Moore
Of the signs generally directing the processes of Brewing, and their comparison… 5:19 Read by Kathleen Moore
An enquiry into what may be, at all times, a proper stock of Beer, and the mana… 5:27 Read by Kathleen Moore
Of Precipitation, and other remedies, applicable to the diseases incident to Be… 14:40 Read by Matthew Newell
Of Taste 7:59 Read by ToddHW
Appendix 11:47 Read by Elsie Selwyn