The Three Great Virtues - Three Essays by Emerson

Read by Robert Scott

(3.5 stars; 26 reviews)

Faith Hope and Charity ...... In the Language of Emerson these translate as: Self - Reliance, Love, and Friendship. (summary by Robert Scott) (3 hr 31 min)


Self - Reliance Pt 1 31:15 Read by Robert Scott
Self - Reliance Pt 2 43:57 Read by Robert Scott
Self - Reliance Pt 3 30:00 Read by Robert Scott
Love Pt 1 22:01 Read by Robert Scott
Love Pt 2 23:11 Read by Robert Scott
Friendship Pt 1 31:09 Read by Robert Scott
Friendship Pt 2 30:07 Read by Robert Scott


Love this Reader

(5 stars)

I hate to be the odd one out, but I thoroughly enjoyed this Reader. I recognize (and have already accustomed to) his voice from some of kant's work. his voice brings what would have otherwise been a poetic verse, to that of a scholarly lecture. there is a wealth of information and wisdom in these chapters, and this Reader makes it so easy to digest. unlike that of a poet, who'd otherwise distract me. I admit I sped up these recordings, since I realize he does read slowly, but sped up makes this book simple to understand. thankyou for this!

no bueno

(4.5 stars)

tried so hard to make it through the readings, but it was extremely dull and sounded like the reader had no life in him.

(1 stars)

The reader completely drained the message and life out of this book. Please consider a new version with another reader.

(1 stars)

Could not get through due to the reader. A shame, it just became a list of words rather than Emerson.