England's Antiphon

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"In this book I have sought to trace the course of our religious poetry from an early period of our literary history. ... [I]f its poetry be the cream of a people's thought, some true indications of the history of its religious feeling must be found in its religious verse, and I hope I have not altogether failed in setting forth these indications. My chief aim, however, will show itself to have been the mediating towards an intelligent and cordial sympathy betwixt my readers and the writers from whom I have quoted. In this I have some confidence of success. Heartily do I throw this my small pebble at the head of the great Sabbath-breaker Schism." - From the Preface (9 hr 27 min)


Preface and Introduction 7:54 Read by Devorah Allen
Chapter 1: Sacred Lyrics of the Thirteenth Century 24:40 Read by Devorah Allen
Chapter 2: The Miracle Plays, and Other Poems of the Fourteenth Century 21:08 Read by KHand
Chapter 2, continued 16:45 Read by KHand
Chapter 3: The Fifteenth Century 16:26 Read by KHand
Chapter 4: Introduction to the Elizabethan Era 10:32 Read by KHand
Chapter 5: Spenser and His Friends 27:21 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 5, continued 29:45 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 6: Lord Bacon and His Coevals 18:30 Read by Vinny Lerin
Chapter 6, continued 15:23 Read by Vinny Lerin
Chapter 7: Dr. Donne 21:08 Read by Patrick Wallace
Chapter 8: Bishop Hall and George Sandys 12:57 Read by Alan Mapstone
Chapter 9: A Few of the Elizabethan Dramatists 19:08 Read by KHand
Chapter 10: Sir John Beaumont and Drummond of Hawthornden 19:15 Read by Kerry Adams
Chapter 11: The Brothers Fletcher 18:53 Read by Kerry Adams
Chapter 12: Wither, Herrick, and Quarles 22:05 Read by KHand
Chapter 13: George Herbert 33:09 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 14: John Milton 28:13 Read by Vinny Lerin
Chapter 15: Edmund Waller, Thomas Brown, and Jeremy Taylor 19:09 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 16: Henry More and Richard Baxter 22:46 Read by KHand
Chapter 17: Crashaw and Marvell 21:21 Read by KHand
Chapter 18: A Mount of Vision—Henry Vaughan 26:04 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 18, continued 27:16 Read by Owlivia
Chapter 19: The Plain 18:08 Read by KHand
Chapter 20: The Roots of the Hills 15:39 Read by KHand
Chapter 21: The New Vision 18:24 Read by KHand
Chapter 22: The Fervour of the Implicit. Insight of the Heart 20:36 Read by KHand
Chapter 23: The Questioning Fervour 14:27 Read by Kerry Adams