Something New for my Little Friends

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This is a collection of stories in verse for children. Published in 1866 by an author only known by the initials F.F., these poems teach children the virtues, their duties, and what happens to ill-behaving little boys and girls. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 18 min)


The Selfish Girl 4:30 Read by Nan Dodge
The Boys and the Squirrels 2:15 Read by Ellies
The Cat and Her Kittens 4:32 Read by BettyB
Angry Words 4:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Lady Jane 2:06 Read by Kathleen Moore
Gone to Heaven 2:57 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Run on the Beach 8:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Boy and His Prize 4:48 Read by Kathleen Moore
Lily 1:12 Read by Larry Wilson
The Boy and His Sled 4:18 Read by Ellies
Little Amy 3:34 Read by Emily Isabella
The Disobedient Chicks 6:26 Read by Nan Dodge
Queen Discontent 6:40 Read by BettyB
Annie's Temptation 3:37 Read by BettyB
The Old Bear 2:44 Read by Larry Wilson
The Envious Rose 2:12 Read by Emily Isabella
The Very Vain Child 3:09 Read by Nan Dodge
The Two Friends 3:28 Read by Ellies
The Young Soldier 2:11 Read by Larry Wilson
The Grateful Bird 5:48 Read by Ellies
The Empty House 2:34 Read by April6090
Forbear 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
George and His Canary 4:40 Read by Ellies
The Old Table 3:27 Read by BettyB
Fresh Flowers 4:53 Read by Emily Isabella
The Conceited Fowl 2:45 Read by BettyB
King Will 3:18 Read by Larry Wilson
The Old Magpie 12:08 Read by Ellies
Charley's Sister 2:49 Read by Foon
Ships at Sea 2:52 Read by Foon
The Bee and the Fly 3:51 Read by Foon
'Only a Joke!' 3:33 Read by Nan Dodge
The Greedy Mouse 4:40 Read by Foon
The Cousins 6:48 Read by Foon