L'Art Pour l'Art

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A disparate assemblage of lingual mastery spanning genres and prowess with an eye toward style in favor of capitulation. (summary by kilpatrick83)

Tocsin was translated by W. H. Lowe (1848-1917)
Maldoror was translated by John Rodker (1894-1955)
Gridale was translated by F. S. Flint (1885-1960). (2 hr 59 min)


Sir Eustace Grey, by George Crabbe 19:27 Read by kilpatrick83
The Stone Dog, by Sir Charles G. D. Roberts 19:30 Read by RebeccaG
Testament of a Man Forbid, by John Davidson 13:16 Read by kilpatrick83
Stillness, by G. Ranger Wormser 21:57 Read by RebeccaG
Cain, by Francis S. Saltus 10:29 Read by kilpatrick83
Silence, by Benjamin de Casseres 12:29 Read by RebeccaG
Mister Whistler's Ten O'Clock, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler 32:59 Read by kilpatrick83
Tocsin, by Leonid Andreyev 16:06 Read by RebeccaG
from Maldoror, by Comte de Lautréamont 25:08 Read by kilpatrick83
Gridale, by Jean de Bosschère 6:43 Read by RebeccaG
Lucifer in Starlight, by George Meredith 1:42 Read by kilpatrick83