The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

Read by A. Bryan Johnson

(4.3 stars; 9 reviews)

Born in Scotland, Alexander Dunlop Lindsay was a teacher of philosophy at a number of universities in England in the early 1900s. This brief commentary on Kant's philosophy is a work that focuses solely on some of the main ideas Kant put forth in the three Critiques. Although not comprehensive, the narrative style of this volume makes it a pleasant read and will be a valuable "break-in" point (or introduction to) the complex philosophy of Immanuel Kant. (Summary by SKwanlada) (2 hr 51 min)


The Idea of Criticism 24:04 Read by A. Bryan Johnson
Kant's Statement of the Problem: synthetic a priori judgements 24:36 Read by SKwanlada
Kant's Idealism: time and space 33:27 Read by SKwanlada
The Categories and the Principles of Pure Understanding 28:39 Read by SKwanlada
The Antinomies and Criticism of the Proofs of the Existence of God 20:38 Read by SKwanlada
Kant's Moral Theory 19:04 Read by SKwanlada
The "Critique of Judgement" 20:47 Read by SKwanlada


good book well read

(5 stars)

Thank you so much

(5 stars)

A good presentation of Kantian philosophy.