My Man Jeeves

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.6 stars; 1383 reviews)

Bertram Wooster is an English gentleman living in New York, who seems to get himself into all sorts of jams. It’s up to his manservant Jeeves to come up with the plan to save the day from unpleasant houseguests, stingy uncles, broken hearts, and hard-partying aunts. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (5 hr 12 min)


Leave It To Jeeves 43:13 Read by Mark Nelson
Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest 43:15 Read by Mark Nelson
Jeeves and the Hard Boiled Egg 42:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Absent Treatment 30:17 Read by Mark Nelson
Helping Freddie 31:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Rallying Round Old George 34:50 Read by Mark Nelson
Doing Clarence a Bit of Good 31:55 Read by Mark Nelson
The Aunt and the Sluggard 55:03 Read by Mark Nelson



(5 stars)

This is brilliant! One of the funnies books I’ve ever heard. The narrator is maturing into quite a rummy reader and all that. At a few points I laughed so hard I thought I couldn’t go on, but I’m up and taking nourishment.


(5 stars)

Mark Nelson does a good job reading these very entertaining escapades of Mr Wooster and his butler Jeeves. However a reader who could deliver this recording in the appropriate British accents would make this audio absolutely hilarious!

Great fun

(5 stars)

Charming collection of short stories featuring the irresistible pairing of Wodehouse’s quietly brilliant man servant Jeeves and his predicament prone employer Bertie Wooster. Includes several stories featuring Wodehouse’s earlier prototype Reggie Pepper. Bertie and Reggie’s richly colorful English slang is half the fun. Perfect escape from the cares of the real world.

Review of 'My Man Jeeves'

(5 stars)

I so love this book! The perfect amount of humour and the perfect amount wit and twists! I surely, recommend it to all. Also, the narrator has narrated the book in an amazing manner!

a fun listen

(5 stars)

this series of short stories or episodes is very outside my usual listening preferences but I enjoyed both the storytelling and the narration. If you are into the 1910's then I recommend this as a great source of turn of the century vernacular - not quite Edwardian, very nearly roaring 20's

So much fun

(5 stars)

As a great fan of the Jeeves and Wooster TV show, it was easy for me to picture the all of the scenes as they were narrated so expertly by Mark Nelson. Nobody can top him for creative narration. All of the stories are entertaining and so much fun.

Great book & reader

(5 stars)

I have no faults to find with either the book or the reader. For those of you who would prefer a British accent, I recommend you look for & purchase the audio book. These are all volunteers, and do an awesome job

Funny and entertaining

(4.5 stars)

I absolutely loved it, so much so I had to download right ho Jeeves as well and so far I'm not disappointed. P.G Wodehouse really has a way of drawing you into the story that is bound to keep you interested.