Hecyra: The Mother-In-Law

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Terence's six plays are comedies written while he was a slave to a Roman senator. NOTE: the main plot elements in Hecyra are quite unacceptable today: Pamphilus has just married a woman he does not recognize that he had earlier raped in a drunken fit; nor does she recognize him. His mistress Bacchis is upset with the marriage and rejects him. He then wanders off, returning only in time to discover his wife with a new child that can't possibly be his. It takes both Mother and Mother-in-Law, and Bacchis, to bring a happy ending out of this confusion.
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Laches, an aged Athenian, father of Pamphilus: ToddHW
Phidippus, an aged Athenian, father of Philumena: alanmapstone
Pamphilus, son of Laches: Tomas Peter
Sosia, servant of Pamphilus: Nemo
Parmeno, servant of Sostrata: Eva Davis
Sostrata, wife of Laches: Beth Thomas
Myrrhina, wife of Phidippus: TJ Burns
Bacchis, a Courtesan: Sonia
Philotis, a Courtesan: Devorah Allen
Syra, a Procuress: Availle
Stage directions: Leanne Yau
Edited by: ToddHW (1 hr 31 min)


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Act 3 24:03 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
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