Judith Lee - Pages From Her Life

Read by Alan Winterrowd

(4.4 stars; 45 reviews)

Judith Lee is a young woman with an unusual gift, she can read lips at a distance as well as she can hear the person next to her. Her skill leads her into a number of adventures. Written by Richard Marsh (The Beetle, Joss: the Reversion) and published in the Strand Magazine in 1911, Marsh creates a strong independent female detective. (3 hr 48 min)


The Man Who Cut My Hair 36:02 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Eavesdropping at Interlaken 51:21 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Conscience 43:22 Read by Alan Winterrowd
Matched 44:38 Read by Alan Winterrowd
The Miracle 52:39 Read by Alan Winterrowd



(5 stars)

This is the last of the available novels by Richard Marsh which I have read. The other works by this author were each extremely clever, not the run of the mill type. This one, however, was fabricated on a basis that few, if any, could have conceived. The stories were very enjoyable, and it never hurts to have a reader perfectly matched to the content. I only wish another collection of pages was available.


(5 stars)

Well read. But it's a shame that this book in the first person, young and female is read by an older man. Also an English character by and American. I had just read one in the first person, male which was read by a woman. If the Librivox team could pay attention to the impact on the experience this has. There are so many experiences like this... English characters read by Americans and Vide versa. Also men reading as women and women reading as men. Perhaps some can't be helped, but couldn't they swap these around?!

One of my favorite narrators

(4 stars)

2019 - dont know how I missed this thru the years but I am glad I found it. I especially liked the first one.

Forensic Frappe

(5 stars)

Charming read reveals a young person with a knack for detection.

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(5 stars)