The Clock Struck One

Read by Celine Major

(4.2 stars; 94 reviews)

Fergus Hume was a prolific writer of Victorian murder mysteries and The Clock Struck One is another great example of his inventive plots. Julian Edermont living in near seclusion for the last 20 years fearful of an unknown assailant is beaten to death in his study following an argument with his ward's fiance Dr. Allen Scott. The secret revealed to Allen during this argument is such that he breaks off his engagement to Dora refusing to reveal the cause. Since those around her seem unwilling to share what they know it is up to Dora to discover the truth and unmask the murderer of her guardian. - Summary by Celine Major (6 hr 6 min)


Chapters 1-2 26:26 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 3-4 25:31 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 5-6 26:09 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 7-8 27:07 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 9-10 29:37 Read by Celine Major
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(3 stars)

Predictable and not one of Hume’s best, but still an entertaining story. All the “our marriage is impossible but I’m not going to tell you why” stuff was a bit frustrating and, as someone else stated before me, wouldn’t even be a factor considered today. The picturesque scenes and detailed character descriptions are definitely characteristic of Hume and were what held my interest through the story.


(5 stars)

This is a medium rated Hume work, but it was still entertaining and extremely well read. I noted that "times are different" because the great problem which supposedly would prevent the marriage would be no problem today, and no one would even consider not telling it.

One of my favorite narrators

(3 stars)

Although one of my favorite authors, this cannot be counted as one of my favorite stories. The plot was not believable or interesting. And the "I can't tell you" was nerve-wracking.

A good simple mystery.

(4 stars)

Interesting enough if you just like an easy book to listen to. The reader grows on you and her reading is clear and easy to understand.

Read other Hume’s

(2 stars)

One of those books that make you say, “l could do better.”

well read

(3 stars)

well read! Story was a little predictable but definitely worth listening once!

(3.5 stars)

The reader's voice is a little distracting as it sounds computer generated

good read

(4.5 stars)

Though I had it figured out but........Enjoy