The Story of a Whim

Read by LikeManyWaters

(4.6 stars; 285 reviews)

A group of girls send gifts and letters to one whom they think to be a young woman like them. "Christie" is really a poor young bachelor tending his orange grove in sunny Florida. Through his correspondence with Hazel (who still thinks he's a girl) he becomes a Christian, and falls in love with her. What will happen when she takes a trip south to meet her dear pen-pal? - Summary by LikeManyWaters (3 hr 7 min)


Five Girls, an Organ, and the Whim 12:15 Read by LikeManyWaters
A Christmas Box That Didn't Match 16:53 Read by LikeManyWaters
''And What Are You Going to Say to Her?'' 10:59 Read by LikeManyWaters
A Letter That Wrote Itself 17:20 Read by LikeManyWaters
A Sunday School in Spite of Itself 21:33 Read by LikeManyWaters
''My Father!'' 15:48 Read by LikeManyWaters
''I Love You'' 16:02 Read by LikeManyWaters
Sad News from the North 16:29 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Discovery 16:57 Read by LikeManyWaters
Victoria Has a Finger in the Pie 16:05 Read by LikeManyWaters
A Daring Maneuver 12:09 Read by LikeManyWaters
The Whim Completes Its Justification 14:41 Read by LikeManyWaters


So refreshing

(5 stars)

This author has the best imagination ! She who lived in the 1800s, did an amazing job and is as current as any stories today. She's just plainly a joy to listen to :)

Sweet book of conversion and romance

(5 stars)

An unlikely set of circumstances, which one is willing to overlook in enjoying a lovely little story of redemption and love.

Typically great GLH book. (an comment on reader's voice)

(5 stars)

(I've listened to this before. I'm going back through books and making sure to review and date.) 1st- this would be a great book/mini-series. 2nd- its GLH (and the summary is accurate). So you know it's good. One person commented on the readers voice: apparently she hasn't heard a bevvy of young ladies chatting. The reader's voice is SPOT ON for this book! in fact, if you increase the playback speed, it REALLY sounds like my daughter's and her friend when they get excited about a plan. :-) August, 2021


(5 stars)

A fun quick story. Well done by the reader. Very descriptive as all GLH books are. Worth the listen

It was great!!

(5 stars)

The book & reader are both fantastic!!!!! 😍

(5 stars)

A good story, he was honest and became a Christian.

Very nice, simple and lovely story!

(5 stars)


Not *the* best GLH - but...

(4 stars)

This is a short sweet idealistic little book with little trouble and lots of joy. It isn't very deep or profound, but certainly fun and I enjoyed listening to it. The sound quality is great and the reader is clear.