The Turnpike House

Read by Celine Major

(4.4 stars; 107 reviews)

A prolific writer of crime and detective stories Fergus Hume is known for his clever plots. The Turnpike House is another wonderful example of his many intriguing mysteries. EXCERPT: "Suddenly there was the cry of a human being in pain. The light was extinguished, and the mists closed thicker round the ruined building; it might be to hide the sight within the room. Could the walls only have spoken they would have shouted "Murder!" with most miraculous voice. But the age of miracles being past, the walls were dumb, and there was no clamour to greet the horror of this deed done in darkness." - Summary by Celine Major (7 hr 31 min)


Chapters 1-2 33:24 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 3-4 29:45 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 5-6 33:52 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 7-8 32:29 Read by Celine Major
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So close to 5 stars...

(4.5 stars)

if not for the resolution. Why keep that info hidden & worse lie about it? Yes, the reader sadly still sounds robotic (doesn't anyone listen to themselves) but she is a native English speaker, had no accent, pronounces properly, & reads with appropriate pace and tone. So, she's almost perfect & you will quickly get used to her voice. Don't miss out on this story despite the couple of negatives I've mentioned. Otherwise, this is an excellent murder mystery.

(5 stars)

love this woman. one of the best readers

As Usual

(3 stars)

Fergus brings in new characters at the end who serve only to lengthen the story...

5-Stars Again! ...

(5 stars)

... for Mr Fergus Hume; as of yet, no written and published long-form fiction reviewed here by me, has, in my estimation, dropped below the standards set for authors living and publishing simultaneously with Fergus Hume; I'll stay on the trail searching and wondering all the while if Fergus Hume ever published a major work for world-wide distribution that falls below his solid possession of the 5-Star Rating, consistently and deservedly awarded according to the standards applied fairly and evenly to authors publishing in, and contemporary of, "*Fergitaboutit" Hume! Submitted by William Hillmann III 070423 *"fergitaboutit" is a coveted nickname rarely awarded any deceased author by my contemporaries at the Brooklyn Reading Consortium [BRC].


(5 stars)

This story has more twists and turns than a corkscrew, but the interest never wanted. Some may say that they had it all figured out, but I bet that they did not understand the fine details. CM did an excellent reading.

So many suspects!!

(5 stars)

A great who done it with multiple suspects with valid motive and opportunity! You dont know the real culprit until the last chapter!