The Tale of Billy Woodchuck

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(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

This collection of short stories is about the amusing adventures of Billy Woodchuck and the other animals he encounters around Pleasant Valley. He is often getting himself into a variety of situations and learns valuable lessons about life in the process. Arthur Scott Bailey wrote more than forty children's books and centered all of them around the world of animals, birds, and insects. The Tale of Billy Woodchuck is part of his Sleepy-Time Tales series. - Summary by Jenn Broda (1 hr 24 min)


The House in the Pasture 3:52 Read by Jenn Broda
Calling Names 4:09 Read by Jenn Broda
Magic 4:09 Read by Jenn Broda
The Great Horned Owl 4:07 Read by KevinS
Billy Stands Guard 4:14 Read by KevinS
Billy Forgets to Whistle 3:42 Read by KevinS
Green Peas 3:50 Read by KevinS
A New Game 3:50 Read by KevinS
What Happened at Aunt Polly's 3:07 Read by KevinS
Uncle Jerry Chuck 3:29 Read by KevinS
Billy Asks for Pay 3:10 Read by KevinS
What Jimmy Rabbit Saw 2:56 Read by KevinS
A Joke On Uncle Jerry 3:57 Read by KevinS
Mr. Fox Has an Idea 4:38 Read by nighthawks
''Pop! Goes the Weasel'' 3:41 Read by SKamrudin
The Play-House 3:56 Read by SKamrudin
Billy Brings the Doctor 3:32 Read by SKamrudin
A Wonderful Stick 3:40 Read by Nan Dodge
Mr. Woodchuck Moves 4:08 Read by Nan Dodge
The Family Escapes 3:37 Read by Nan Dodge
At Home in the Woods 3:42 Read by Nan Dodge
Ground Hog Day 4:41 Read by Nan Dodge



(5 stars)

I loved this book it brought back so many memories 😍❤

the best!!!!!!!

(5 stars)

just like the Thornton W Burgess stories!!!!!!!!!