Beautiful Birds

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(4.3 stars; 3 reviews)

In this volume, Edmund Selous explains the beauty of birds to children. We meet some of the most beautiful birds in the world, and learn about their lives. We also learn what to do when our mothers decide to wear hats with stuffed birds on them! - Summary by Carolin (5 hr 19 min)


Why Beautiful Birds are Killed 31:10 Read by Scotty Smith
Birds of Paradise 25:21 Read by Natalia Cichy
The Great Bird of Paradise 32:09 Read by Scotty Smith
The Red Bird of Paradise 20:15 Read by jenno
The Lesser, Black, Blue, and Golden Birds of Paradise 33:42 Read by jenno
About all Birds of Paradise, and some Explanations 22:53 Read by lectora5
About Humming-Birds, and some more Explanations 23:59 Read by lectora5
Some very Bright Humming-Birds 34:48 Read by jenno
Hermit Humming-Birds and Two Other Ones 18:55 Read by RPBrevard
The Cock-of-the-Rock and the Lyre-Bird 25:35 Read by jenno
The Resplendent Trogon and the Argus Pheasant 25:37 Read by Elsie Selwyn
White Egrets, 'Ospreys', and Ostrich-Feathers 25:16 Read by Elsie Selwyn


(3 stars)

A well intended book with a nice mix of facts, mythology and wonderment about various birds - as well as a very good message about the importance of protecting birds in the wild, and not kill or capture them. I do think that the the book at times gets a bit too heavy for children though. It is also quite rambling and repetitive, which makes some parts a bit tedious. The author could definitely have used a better editor, I feel.