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Wilbur Hawkes wakes with no memory of the last seven months. He knows he's in danger, but he doesn’t know why. No sooner does he leave his apartment than it explodes in flames, and, to escape, he must run through New York, not knowing where to run, or who he is running from. With heat rays, disintegrating men, and exploding cats, how can this not involve aliens? What other explanation can there be? - Summary by Dale Grothman (2 hr 0 min)


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Good scifi

(5 stars)

Enjoyed this story. Like this authors writing style. It does portray the attitudes of men of the 50's which the politically correct of today who are obsessed with being offended will certainly be offended. However, if you understand the era and WWII, you'll enjoy this too. As always, Mark does a great job of reading and book choice. Thank you

Classic Del Ray

(5 stars)

What is there to say ? Classic Sci-fi master and prolific short story writer for the early 20th century pulp sci-fi and fantasy magazines. I like how most of his stories are as close to the hard sci-fi as anyone else in his time.

excellent story, very well read

(5 stars)

Better than most short sci-fi. You won’t know the ending until the end. Wraps up the questions very well at the end

Oldie but goodie

(5 stars)

What a great read and a great reader.

(4 stars)

interesting little story and well narrated.

good book.shorter than I was expescting

(4 stars)