Star Born

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.5 stars; 591 reviews)

Andre Norton's "Star Born" pictures a human colony in another galaxy, driven away from Earth generations ago by a repressive government. Considered outlaws, the colonists are in permanent hiding.

They have developed friendship and cooperation with a local race of "mermen" who are equally at home on land or sea. But that race only took to the sea to escape a malevolent power that hunted them and killed them violently for sport - Those Others.

With a global decline in the population and reach of Those Others, contacts are few and the humans have no direct knowledge of them. So it is a major surprise when Dalgard, a human scout on his coming-of-age expedition, along with his "knife-brother" Sssuri of the mermen, run into a party of Those Others who are bent on reclaiming hideous weaponries left behind in one of their abandoned cities... and find that they are being aided by new arrivals from Earth! (Summary by Mark F. Smith) (6 hr 42 min)


Shooting Star 23:02 Read by Mark F. Smith
Planetfall 22:39 Read by Mark F. Smith
Snake-Devil's Trail 22:03 Read by Mark F. Smith
Civilization 21:25 Read by Mark F. Smith
Banded Devil 21:22 Read by Mark F. Smith
Treasure Hunt 22:25 Read by Mark F. Smith
Many Eyes, Many Ears 21:28 Read by Mark F. Smith
Airlift 21:25 Read by Mark F. Smith
Sea Gate 21:44 Read by Mark F. Smith
Dead Guardians 21:52 Read by Mark F. Smith
Espionage 22:29 Read by Mark F. Smith
Alien Patrol 20:59 Read by Mark F. Smith
A Hound is Loosed 22:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Prisoner 22:32 Read by Mark F. Smith
Arena 22:25 Read by Mark F. Smith
Surprise Attack 23:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
Destruction Unleashed 23:43 Read by Mark F. Smith
Not Yet 24:47 Read by Mark F. Smith


Beautiful Story.

(4.5 stars)

Listened to the whole thing in one day, I just couldn't stop! My only wish is/was that this story was much much longer or had a trilogy and this was only part one but sadly I believe it's only a wish and I'll never find a continuation to this excellent story.

a pleasant read

(3 stars)

I enjoyed the book but wouldn’t read it again & it didn’t grip me in any way. At times it was hard to follow as the plot jumps around between characters & there are elements I’m still left confused over. I where near as good as his ‘Vatican’ trilogy.

Great story, very entertaining and enjoyable.

(4.5 stars)

Andre Norton is amazing with her broad and varied imagination, she never disappoints. Mark it's one of the best readers, in my opinion, at LibriVox. His style and voice are easy to listen to, and he makes the story come alive. Thank you sir.

Just great! Wonderful tale, excellently read

(5 stars)

So well written. I was really pleasantly surprised. I really was caught up in the characters and story. I wish there were more! Masterfully read by Mark Smith, as always.


(4.5 stars)

A true sci-fi Classic. I was not sure what to expect when I started listening to this book but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. As always Mark Smith did a fantastic job reading.

Surprisingly good

(5 stars)

doesn't rely on Sci Fi to make it good - it's a great story in a sci fi environmnet. Sure keeps you wondering what's going to happen next.

just wow

(5 stars)

this was such a good book! it would make such an amazing movie or tv show. the reader was amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it.

nice story

(4 stars)

I liked this book very much. The story was wrote well. I only wish there was a bit more about the native mermen and the others.