The Elephant Man and other reminiscences

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In 1884, Professor Treves saw Joseph Merrick (known as the "Elephant Man") in a shop across the road from the London Hospital. Being also a teacher at the University, he brought Merrick to the London Hospital as a teaching case, and Merrick lived there until his death in April 1890. This book of "reminiscences" includes the story of the "Elephant Man" as well as other interesting cases from Sir Treves' practice as a doctor. (Summary by Beth Thomas) (5 hr 4 min)


The Elephant Man 41:48 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The Old Receiving Room 22:41 Read by Mike Casey
The Twenty Krone Piece 9:45 Read by Stefan Von Blon
A Cure for Nerves 36:59 Read by MajorHistory
Two Women 33:26 Read by MajorHistory
A Sea Lover 12:41 Read by MajorHistory
A Case of "Heart Failure" 22:32 Read by MajorHistory
A Restless Night 29:50 Read by MajorHistory
In Articulo Mortis 43:27 Read by MajorHistory
The Idol with Hands of Clay 26:06 Read by MajorHistory
Breaking the News 14:43 Read by Mike Casey
A Question of Hats 10:10 Read by Mike Casey


(5 stars)

This is a very interesting account of the working life of Frederick Treves. The diary provides a vivid insight into the work of a surgeon in the Victorian period. Treves description of the Receiving Room is imbedded in my memory. I attended the London Hospital shortly after the birth of the NHS with my mother and my aunt. I remember well the rows of benches to which he refers. Nothing had changed it seems. Treves account of a very drunken fight between women is extremely real and commands attention. My father once remarked to me that it was not unusual to see women with a black eye in who lived in the vicinity of the London Hospital. He said they wore the black eye as a badge of honour. Drunkenness was rife in the East End and Treves diary brings this dreadful situation to life. I commend this work unreservedly.

I can’t believe this book was free

(5 stars)

The narrators for the Elephant Man and other reminisces I thought they did a great job. The stories made up of medical stories before there was ambulance is the Elephant Man ET see a very entertaining and teaches you history you didn’t know existed. From the stories in this book you see how life was lived back in the 19th Centauri and I love that. That is why I give this book 5 stars.