The Monitor and the Merrimac: Both sides of the story

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The American Civil War lasted four years, from 1861 to 1865. It included some iconic battles that have maintained enough interest to merit recounting the events in countless books. One such seminal battle was that of the USS Monitor versus the USS Merrimack, two ironclad ships, repurposed and redesigned to have a defensive advantage against conventional wooden war ships of the 19th century. The Monitor and the Merrimack faced off in a duel in the harbor at Hampton Roads, Virginia. The event represented the beginning of a new era of naval warfare. “The Monitor and the Merrimac” is a unique historical account of the first-hand experiences and perspectives of soldiers on each of the two ships. - Summary by Jeffery Smith (1 hr 10 min)


Introduction 5:35 Read by Jeffery
The Monitor and the Merrimac 21:37 Read by Jeffery
The Merrimac and the Monitor 36:22 Read by Jeffery
The Last of the Monitor 6:47 Read by Jeffery