Leatherface: A Tale of Old Flanders

Read by Deon Gines

(4.1 stars; 28 reviews)

A romantic, political adventure story set in the late 1500's, during the Spanish rule over the Netherlands, in the city of Ghent. Leatherface is an Orangist and emerges to lead the Ghent citizens to rebel and win back their freedom. (13 hr 42 min)


Prologue 12:16 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 1 Ch 1 1:07:13 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 1 Ch 2 39:19 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 1 Ch 3 1:08:52 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 1 Ch 4 44:50 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 1 Ch 5 22:39 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 6 31:16 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 7 28:54 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 8 55:40 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 9 31:30 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 10 55:18 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 2 Ch 11 32:32 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 12 22:49 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 13 48:38 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 14 26:47 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 15 13:45 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 16 Pt 1 43:40 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 16 Pt 2 39:16 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 17 51:49 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 18 1:01:55 Read by Deon Gines
Bk 3 Ch 19 19:39 Read by Deon Gines
Epilogue 3:43 Read by Deon Gines


Too bad!

(2 stars)

A fine book ruined by a dreadfulreader. I have heard more emotion fro. the reading of a shopping list!

Orczy Delight, As Always

(4.5 stars)

I shouldn't have been surprised--but I was! Seriously. When you've read as much Emma Orczy as I have... In usual, wonderful Orczy fashion, <i>Leatherface</i> is a delightful, overly dramatic, historically-set tale with a hidden hero. I should have suspected the hidden hero earlier on; I should have found him sooner than I did! But she got me. Way to go, Mrs. Orczy. The romantic stakes in this book are higher than they are in <i>The Scarlet Pimpernel</i>; by "romantic stakes," I mean the divide between the male and female protagonists. That's a definite positive for this book. I was seriously wondering for a while how Orczy could end it well; it just seemed too terrible! Her solution to the divide is not contrived; while not especially brilliant, it fits the story and isn't rushed or shoved in. Another positive. Although the romantic stakes are higher, I don't like these characters as much as I like Sir Percy and Marguerite. First, I just love Sir Percy, and it would take someone special to unseat him. That's no slight against this book, as the male protagonist is likable, interesting, and adequately mysterious. Second, the female protagonist in <i>Leatherface</i> is not consistently endearing. There's a weakness with the book in this. She is (fairly) consistently presented as young and innocent, but I think she goes a little too back and forth on what she thinks and how she feels, and also in how she presents herself. I wish she had seemed more (or totally) childlike early on, allowing for her strength of character to come out more toward the end. As to the genre: there's a lot of crying, falling on one's knees, and total despair. Melodrama at its finest. And honestly, quite enjoyable. Orczy does it well because she's consistent and it fits with every other aspect of the novel. So overall, I really enjoyed my read! It was fun to read another Orczy book, and especially fun to be surprised.

great story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this story a lot. Reminded me a bit of the Scarlet Pimpernel series, but without the comic relief. The courageous and daring hero apparently was a real person in history. This time it's during the horrors of the Spanish inquisition in place of those of the French Revolution. There is a suspenseful love story included. What a horrible real-life satire on the perversion of Christianity! While the Spanish leaders were forcing their soldiers to wage war for the main purpose of gaining vast riches from pillaging the beautiful and peace-loving city of Ghent among many others, the rulers were concerned about missing Mass on a holy day for fear of ending up in "hell", though apparently murder and unimaginable cruelty were perfectly acceptable in their evil minds. The duke and Vargas (acting under Spain's King Phillip, but with self-serving purposes) even regularly mocked and threatened the life of their own soldiers for sadistic enjoyment and feelings of power. Suspenseful. Highly recommended.

Wonderful book

(5 stars)

I love learning history through books. This is a beautiful tale (in my opinion about the ancestor of Sir Percy Blakney). Use the rabbit speed in the top right corner to make this reader easier to listen to. You won’t regret this book if you quicken the pace of the reader. LOVE Baroness Orczy!!!!

(5 stars)

good story, of course! you will find a rhythm with the gracius reader and story is worth it. stay the course!

historical fiction at its best

(5 stars)

Thank you for narrating this story, I love listening to you read

Captivating story

(4.5 stars)

Loved the book but the reader is terrible. Reads haltingly and with no expression.

not favorite reader

(4 stars)

enjoyed the story but not the reader.