The Flowers of Shakespeare

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 6 reviews)

A lovely collection of information about those flowers that appear in William Shakespeare's work. The brief chapters are categorized by the four seasons in which the flowers first appear. - Summary by KevinS (4 hr 6 min)


Primroses, Cowslips, and Oxlips 20:05 Read by LizzieHexam
Daffodils That Come Before the Swallow Dares 13:21 Read by Ruth P.
Daisies Pied and Violets Blue 16:50 Read by Nemo
Lady-smocks All Silver White and Cuckoo-buds of Every Yellow Hue 5:08 Read by jenno
Anemones and Azured Harebells 7:28 Read by jenno
Columbine and Broom-flower 10:41 Read by KevinS
Morning Roses Newly Washed with Dew 20:22 Read by ChadH94
Lilies of All Kinds 9:38 Read by Amy Gramour
Crown-Imperial and Flower-de-Luce 10:28 Read by LizzieHexam
Fern and Honeysuckle 9:53 Read by KevinS
Carnations and Gilliflowers 12:32 Read by Farrah
Marigold and Larkspur 14:42 Read by Florence
Pansies for Thoughts and Poppies for Dreams 8:44 Read by Amy Gramour
Crow-flowers and Long Purples 5:01 Read by Kathleen Moore
Saffron Crocus and Cuckoo-flowers 7:31 Read by Kathleen Moore
Pomegranate and Myrtle 11:52 Read by Kathleen Moore
Rosemary and Rue 11:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
Lavender, Mints, and Fennel 8:40 Read by Ruth P.
Sweet Marjoram, Thyme, and Savory 8:30 Read by LizzieHexam
Sweet Balm and Camomile 5:46 Read by KevinS
Dian's Bud and Monk's-hood Blue 7:19 Read by Amy Gramour
Holly and Ivy 11:47 Read by Nemo
Mistletoe and Box 8:26 Read by Aparna Bhat