Pep: The Story Of A Brave Dog

Read by David Wales

(4.9 stars; 16 reviews)

This 1922 adventure story for youth and dog lovers will delight anyone with just a little suspension of disbelief. Sentimental and anthropomorphic, it’s still a good read/listen for those who would appreciate how a devoted dog saved his physician master’s life during World War I. Clarence Hawkes, crippled and blind, was a prolific, popular writer, well-known for his nature stories in the twentieth century. - Summary by David Wales (2 hr 8 min)


Introduction: A Friend To Man 20:58 Read by David Wales
A Blue Ribbon Dog; The Runaway 33:01 Read by David Wales
The Crossing; The Hospital 35:20 Read by David Wales
The Battlefield; The Rescue 28:36 Read by David Wales
Homeward Bound 10:16 Read by David Wales