Shan Folk Lore Stories from the Hill and Water Country

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The following stories have been taken from the great[v] mass of unwritten lore that is to the black-eyed, brown-skinned boys and girls of the Shan mountain country of Burma what "Jack the Giant Killer" and "Cinderella" are to our own children.

The old saw as to the songs and laws of a country may or may not be true. I feel confident, however, that stories such as these, being as they are purely native, with as little admixture of Western ideas as it was possible to give them in dressing them in their garment of English words, will give a better insight into what the native of Burma really is, his modes of thought and ways of looking at and measuring things, than a treatise thrice as long and representing infinitely more literary merit than will be found in these little tales; and at the same time I hope they will be found to the average reader, at least, more interesting. -- from the author's introduction - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 53 min)


Dedication and Introduction 3:23 Read by Larry Wilson
A Laung Khit 17:43 Read by Tasniim
How Boh Han Me Got his Title 25:36 Read by Carol Eades King
The Two Chinamen 21:31 Read by RPBrevard
The Story of the Princess Nang Kam Ung 21:16 Read by David Brent
How the Hare Deceived the Tiger 15:22 Read by RPBrevard
The Story of the Tortoise 16:17 Read by April6090
The Sparrow's Wonderful Brood 10:27 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
How the World was Created 12:56 Read by Wayne Cooke
How the King of Pagan Caught the Thief 29:05 Read by dfrakk