A Century of Negro Migration

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Dr. Woodson describes the internal migration of African Americans within the United States, including the Northern Migration and the draw of California. Cultural and sociological observations are made as well as a study of principal economic factors in this migration. Summary by KevinS. (4 hr 50 min)


1 Finding a Place of Refuge 21:38 Read by KevinS
2 A Transplantation to the North 34:38 Read by drandall
3 Fighting it out on Free Soil 30:18 Read by KevinS
4 Colonization as a Remedy for Migration 33:26 Read by Michele Fry
5 The Successful Migrant 29:59 Read by laurencetrask
6 Confusing Movements 37:52 Read by drandall
7 The Exodus to the West 32:23 Read by Michele Fry
8 The Migration of the Talented Tenth 31:01 Read by William Allan Jones
9 The Exodus during the World War 39:06 Read by KevinS


(5 stars)

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