Home Education Series Vol. II: Parents and Children

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(4.3 stars; 32 reviews)

Volume two of the Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason talks about parents and children. Charlotte breaks down a couple of different topics about home education, like the family, the parent's role as the teacher, and much more. - Summary by Elijah Fisher (9 hr 21 min)


Preface to the Third Edition 3:22 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 1 16:10 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 2 18:50 Read by thestorygirl
Chapter 3 16:36 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 4 19:43 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 5 17:13 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 6 20:44 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 7 14:31 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 8 23:02 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 9 16:21 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 10 14:26 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 11 35:56 Read by thestorygirl
Chapter 12 22:08 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 13 22:40 Read by Brooke Favorat
Chapter 14 20:03 Read by thestorygirl
Chapter 15 36:49 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 16 19:48 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 17 25:55 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 18 25:10 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 19 19:47 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 20 21:52 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 21 18:33 Read by thestorygirl
Chapter 22 28:55 Read by Amy Bodkin
Chapter 23 15:41 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 24 17:32 Read by Andy Glover
Chapter 25 24:50 Read by AbbyJay
Chapter 26 25:19 Read by AbbyJay


Chapter 26 needs to be reviewed

(3 stars)

There were many stops, starts and repeats in chapter 26. Otherwise, it was beautifully read by all.

Home Education Volume 2

(5 stars)

A great snapshot into the mind and thought of Charlotte Mason. Even after a century she gives my mind a lot to chew on as I mull over the issues that I currently find myself in when training my children. Although she encourages us to look at outcomes, her day-to-day processes enable a whole child to be cultivated rather than only growing the child in select areas.

Inspiring Book with Great Narrators

(5 stars)

This book has been foundational to my home education of my children. I enjoyed listening to this version a few times before reading over my physical copy. It was enjoyable to also hear the various chapters read by different yet all excellent narrators.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this wonderful book. The readers were all clear and easy to understand.

(5 stars)

Excellent recording and book. Ch26 had some skips in the recording.