The First Men in the Moon

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.5 stars; 448 reviews)

Britain won the Moon Race! Decades before Neal Armstrong took his "giant leap for mankind" two intrepid adventurers from Lympne, England, journeyed there using not a rocket, but an antigravity coating.

Mr. Bedford, who narrates the tale, tells of how he fell in with eccentric inventor Mr. Cavor, grew to believe in his researches, helped him build a sphere for traveling in space, and then partnered with him in an expedition to the Moon.

What they found was fantastic! There was not only air and water, but the Moon was honeycombed with caverns and tunnels in which lived an advanced civilization of insect-like beings. While Bedford is frightened by them and bolts home, Cavor stays and is treated with great respect.

So why didn't Armstrong and later astronauts find the evidence of all this? Well, according to broadcasts by Cavor over the newly-discovered radio technology, he told the Selenites too much about mankind, and apparently, they removed the welcome mat! (Summary by Mark) (8 hr 2 min)


Mr. Bedford Meets Mr. Cavor at Lympne 36:53 Read by Mark F. Smith
The First Making of Cavorite 17:22 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Building of the sphere 18:02 Read by Mark F. Smith
Inside the Sphere 9:05 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Journey to the Moon 13:19 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Landing on the Moon 9:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
Sunrise on the Moon. 11:23 Read by Mark F. Smith
A Lunar Morning. 9:23 Read by Mark F. Smith
Prospecting Begins. 19:56 Read by Mark F. Smith
Lost Men in the Moon 12:07 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Mooncalf Pastures 23:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Selenite's Face 10:14 Read by Mark F. Smith
Mr. Cavor Makes Some Suggestions 16:23 Read by Mark F. Smith
Experiments in intercourse 12:15 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Giddy Bridge 23:24 Read by Mark F. Smith
Points of View 17:18 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Fight in the Cave of the Moon Butchers 22:21 Read by Mark F. Smith
In the Sunlight 19:23 Read by Mark F. Smith
Mr. Bedford Alone 24:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
Mr. Bedford in Infinite Space 17:00 Read by Mark F. Smith
Mr. Bedford at Littlestone 31:59 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Astonishing Communication of Mr. Julius Wendigee 8:57 Read by Mark F. Smith
An Abstract of the Six Messages First Received from Mr. Cavor 17:56 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Natural History of the Selenites 40:10 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Grand Lunar 35:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Last Message Cavor Sent to the Earth 4:34 Read by Mark F. Smith


Great book, Great reader!

(5 stars)

This is my first time hearing this story by HG Wells, and it's awesome. He masters the art of suspension of disbelief here wonderfully and spins a tale about an "odd-couple" going to the moon in something that's not a rocket ship. This is my SECOND time hearing a book read by this reader, and again I'm thoroughly impressed. Super pleasant voice to listen to, even with the slight static in the back of the recording. I wish we could get some high def audio recordings of this guy!


(5 stars)

I must thank the reader. As a mon to sat worker I don't have much free time and listening to his pleasant human voice made it all so much more bearable. the tale itself is what you expect A glimpse of what was once unknown.

"that rainy day had come ... '

(5 stars)

" ... and my cooking would shock Mrs Bond but it had flavor; he cleared his throat with a compulsive gesture and his feet were large .. why should a man do such a thing?!150823!

An old classic that's very well written.

(4.5 stars)

HG Wells is a master of Science Fiction. The scientific research and theories that the story is based on seem very convincing. Mark is an excellent reader and I'm thoroughly enjoying all his readings.

Over the moon !!

(5 stars)

Excellent reading of great novel!! Well's early writings, both scientific romance and social novels never fail to entertain. Pity about the microphone noise, but I solved that by using 'Noise Reduction' on some audio editing software.


(4.5 stars)

Wells seems to have spent a bit more time on character development and plot extension than he often does. The result is an entertaining story which draws to a reasonable ending. Mark Smith is superb as always.

Great book! Thank you Mark!

(5 stars)

first off thank you Mark for your time, every time when I listen to a book and hear your voice I look forward to listening. another classic book that has a great story!

very good read and story

(4.5 stars)

I really like the story. I thought it was very good and I really appreciated the ending of the effort made by the reader. I always enjoyed listening to this reader thank you.