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18 New Year OTR Shows, 1944-1958 Comedy, science fiction, horror, detective, and variety shows from the first week (12/31 - 1/7) of the new year. This is a volunteer effort but please try and pay it forward --- donate a buck or five to our hosts at Archive dot org.   1/5/44 - Mail Call, featuring Jack Benny, Judy Garland, and Johnny Mercer 'Mercer sings his new song, "G. I. Jive." J&J rehearse romance scene.' 1/2/45 - The Strange Dr. Weird - The Tiger Cat 'delightfully gruesome goody about a scientist with an animal growth serum' 1/3/46 - Rogue's Gallery - Murder at Minden 'Stark McVeigh is murdered after hiring Richard Rogue,leading to a counterfeiter's hideout.' 1/1/46 - Red Skelton - Bells and Resolutions The king of icky-sweet humor rings in the new year with promises, promises. 1/7/46 - Jubilee, featuring Lionel Hampton and Lena Horne  The first tune is, "Slide, Hamp, Slide."  Horne sings "Stormy Weather" 1/1/47 - The Great Gildersleeve - New Year's Costume Ball Gildersleeve dresses as a pirate 1/7/47 - Mel Blanc - The Broken Prize Record of Caruso Mel gets in hot water when he... 1/5/48 - My Friend Irma - The Great Irma  'Irma feels she's meant for greater things' 12/30/48 - Sealtest Variety Theater - New Year's Eve with Lionel Barrymore 'Dorothy Lamour's first tune is "Pretty Baby." Barrymore appears in a New Year's drama with Dot.' 12/31/49 - Bob and Ray - New Year's Eve Show "The last show of the 1940's" focuses on 49's highlights. 1/2/50 - Candy Matson, YUkon2-8209. - Insurance Crash 'Candy investigates a plane crash and is asked to certify the safety of an airport.' 1/7/50 - The Adventures of Philip Marlowe - The Torch Carriers 'Marlowe tracks a loan shark and finds a lonely gangster, several in fact! ' 12/31/50 - Our Miss Brooks - Exchanging Christmas Gifts 1/3/51 - The Halls of Ivy - Professor Barrett's Play ''Professor Barrett has taken 7 years to write a terrible play. How to tell him the truth?' 1/5/51 - The Magnificent Montague - 'Montague's Father (Art Carney)  shows up to help him celebrate his Silver anniversary in the theatre.' 12/28/53 - Fibber McGee - Planning Elks Club New Year Fibber plans to revive his old vaudeville act with Mollie 1/3/56 - The Goon Show - The Mighty Wurlitzer Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, The Ray Ellington Quartet, Wallace Greenslade (announcer) 1/2/58 - X Minus One - Prime Difference 'A henpecked husband gets androidal help with his domestic problems. Alan E. Nourse (author)' (Sources: 'RadioGoldIndex', Wikipedia, Handiges)

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These aren't very good

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Although its nice to have a themed collection (New Year) this collection is not very good. The audio on many is rather poor, in the British comedy(?) it was so poor one cannot make out what the characters are actually saying most of the time. The Miss Brooks episode, well those were never terribly funny and this episode is just another one of them. This was on a scale of Very Poor/Unlistenable to "Excellent, I would have to rate it somewhere in the lower middle. In one of the episodes (I can't recall which but it could be the Miss Brooks one) one can recognize the tell-tale shifting about and shuffling of the person recording the show off of a tape or record.

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I have no control on the technological quality of shows. Personally, I like them scratchy and fuzzy, like old phonograph albums. OTRR-quality recordings are fine for collectors with a lot of space on their computers but a lot of us just want something we can fit onto an mp3 player and listen to on the ride into work.